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A Bit of Hedge and Grassie

We're doing the magical flower-themed lesbian Burns & Allen AU over at Leif & Thorn. Here's the core cast of the show. Everyone's a woman except the second Hibby (who's nonbinary, though I don't think it ever comes up).

The actors are mostly gone or retired in the present day, so don't expect any direct interaction with the rest of the comic. Although there is canon time travel, so who knows....

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Grassie Amande
Brilliant and talented actress. Plays an exaggerated version of herself on TV. Has the hardest job in show business: she gets the most lines, they're mostly pure nonsense, and she has to memorize them exactly or the jokes won't work.

Hedge Dubois (stage name)
Charming and dapper actress. Basically plays herself on TV. Has an impish streak, but mostly she's the sensible, sometimes-exasperated, always-loving foil to Grassie's . . . free spirit.

Hibiscus "Hibby" La Val
Ad woman, replacing the suave Bell Estragon from the audio show. Plays a lovable, put-upon version of herself, perpetually getting caught up in Grassie's schemes and then fired by Hedge.

Blandfordia "Blan" Monarde
Grassie's in-universe best friend/next-door neighbor. Loves her dearly but understands her rarely. Played by Bay Bergamot.

Hibiscus "Hibby" Monarde
Blan's spouse. Usually cranky about what the neighbors are up to. Played by multiple actors.
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