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A BICP Tea Party

By ErinPtah
Characters from But I'm A Cat Person, plus their author, trying to have a peaceful afternoon tea together without devolving into chaos.

Left to right: Cohen, Bennett, Cybele, Sparrow, Patrick, Bianca, Miranda, Poe, *SailorPtah, Camellia.

For the Tea Time contest by ~Alia78904. Doubles as an entry in the latest Participate-in-Contests Contest.
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the-Mara's avatar
Poor artist...
Ke1t0-Chan's avatar
Hmm... Sparrow's teacup is the only one without a picture... Does this have a meaning or am I being too suspicious?
ErinPtah's avatar
Eh, her picture's probably just on the other side of it.
politicette's avatar
Everything about this is perfect.
puff222001's avatar
Aw, no Reseda? Otherwise, very cute. I love Camellia's complete lack of care for the others.
ErinPtah's avatar
Couldn't fit Reseda in, I was running out of room on the paper ^_^; Camellia's just politely enjoying her tea.
Krisderp's avatar
I love that Cohen is adding booze. XD

And Miranda is being naughty.
ErinPtah's avatar
Straight tea just doesn't have enough kick for Cohen =3

Yeah, Miranda's up to some underhanded mischief here. (While Sparrow may be about to say to hell with underhandedness and just throw a teapot over Bennett...)
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