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30 Alucards in Drag, 26-30



The last of the 30 Female Outfits meme.

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Intro + 1-5:…
26-30: [here]

Dancer - I had no idea what kind of outfit to do here, then I googled the term and found a picture with this outfit and pose. It was too good to pass up.

Race Queen - cheering on the Hellsing team, with ace driver Integra!

Faerie - vaguely based on the art of Amy Brown, but from memory: I couldn't remember the artist's name at the time (thanks, :iconraithe:!), just her predilection for stripey socks.

Little Lady - at least, that's how :iconkibate: translated the term. Google Translate rendered it as "daughter". I wasn't sure what it meant, but there's this style I've seen on occasion in anime/manga of putting young women in these Western-style dresses that are really ugly and bulky, so I went with that. (This particular design is adopted from one that Chibiusa was drawn in.)

Angel - so that's what Alucard's elusive shoulder angel looks like!
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