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30 Alucards in Drag, 21-25

More of the 30 Female Outfits meme.

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Intro + 1-5:…
21-25: [here]

Little Red Riding Hood - had to be ickle!Vlad. He just looks so optimistic, before he gets thrown to the wolves.

Policewoman - this outfit took forever to design.

Bride - with Integra as the groom, of course. Nice simple dress style with lots of flowing white.

Ballerina - Riocard makes his first appearance! He was the only version that had the silky hair, except for Girlycard, on whom it was too long.

Traditional Innkeeper - I actually did a Google image search on the untranslated Japanese word to find references for this one. Riocard again.
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Now...I have seen everything...
Annie-O's avatar
Beautiful pose on the ballerina.
kitty11123's avatar
lawl...bride and seras and little red....pffffft ewe
KuronekoKurata's avatar
I think the bride one might be my favorite. They look so beautiful together. <3

(and oh god, the policewoman one. His FACE. /dies)
SerenityCelest's avatar
Congratulations Alucard in Seras' Uniform caused me to spit my tea out from laughing so hard. You are the first Deviant Artist to ever make me do that.
HidanGod's avatar
Who's Roicard? Xcuse my impertinance.
ErinPtah's avatar
No worries! Riocard = the form Alucard took when he, Pip, and Seras went to Rio de Janeiro.
HidanGod's avatar
Ohhhh....I call that guy Pimpcard. XD (From a Hellsing motivational poster)
Asphodels's avatar
I love his "holy shit" face as a policewoman. xD

Also, he has a very nice wedding dress.
Casandraelf's avatar
more like 'WTF' :rofl:

but seriously erin, how'd you pull this off without him killing you?
Excuse me while I laugh at Alucard is Seras's uniform. xDD
HidanGod's avatar
You're excused....and so am I! XDDDD
AtticusBlackwolf's avatar
LOL priceless expression on Policecard.....adorable<3
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