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30 Alucards in Drag, 16-20

More of the 30 Woman Outfits meme.

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Intro + 1-5:…
16-20: [here]

Stewardess - instead of generic wings, the emblem of the airline is the Hellsing bat-logo seen on the Incredibly Awesome Plane (er, modified SR-71) from volume 5.

Apron Only - after toying with a couple of sultry pose options, I decided to just go with Blobcard. Sexy!

Goddess - obviously based on the aesthetic of Hindu deities, seated on a lotus flower.

Ganguro - this is an incredibly ugly Japanese fashion trend, vaguely based on a "California girl" look. I love natural medium skin tones (hello, Integra!), but fake tans...don't tend to turn out well.

Lolita - ah, gorgeous gothloli dresses! Had to be Girlycard, of course.
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The second was a total WINNER!!!!!
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Ganguro Alucard is quite disturbing.
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Well, it DID say "apron-only!"
Adds a twist to yaoi scenes if Alucard considers shadowblob as getting naked...
Avnas-Ishtaroth's avatar
I LOVE Lolitacard.
Joellehart's avatar
I'm LOLing over the apron (good choice of !card form) and the Ganguro (never would have thought of it myself, but great irony what with the suntan)
HidanGod's avatar
Girlycard is always so pretty! O_O
Kibate's avatar
really interresting outfits!
and @ganguro fashion statement: true true
ErinPtah's avatar
Hey, thanks! Glad you like them - yours were inspirational =)
AtticusBlackwolf's avatar
ApronCard makes me laugh<3
BatNeko's avatar
Oh god the ganguro one is awful. ><
PHUZface1's avatar
I'm sure Crispin Freeman would love this!
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