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30 Alucards in Drag, 11-15

More of Alucard in the 30 woman outfits.

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Intro + 1-5:…
11-15: [here]

Swimsuit - I imagine Seras, Pip, and the Wild Geese are off playing beach ball, and Seras accidentally smacked the ball all the way over to where Alucard was just getting ready to settle down with a drink and sunbathe. (...Ignore for the moment the fact that vampires hate the sun.)

Western - Had to be Vladcard as the cowgirl. He's the one with the horses.

Witch - I used to have a Halloween costume like this.

Cat ears - Puppycard!

Mermaid - Instead of giving him a generic fish tail, I wanted to use one of those terrifying ugly deep-sea fish with gigantic teeth. Ended up using the humpback anglerfish. Reference:…
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and of course alucard would troll everyone by wearing a girl's bathing suit
ErinPtah's avatar
Well, since the whole point of the meme is to draw the character in female outfits...
Casandraelf's avatar
true, but i'll bet you ten bucks he'd troll everyone by wearing that anyway
Annie-O's avatar
....The last one looked more like the fishy wad ate him in half.
SniperMSG90's avatar
Any thoughts of putting Alucard into one of Sir Integra's suits? I must say that Office Lady Alucard is kinda scary looking :D
ErinPtah's avatar
Maybe someday. In this set, he does end up in one of Seras' suits eventually =)
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:XD: He's a MERMAID.....
Ijust deid laughing. But it was a great death.
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lol... actually if you change "sunlight" to "moonlight" you'd probably have a more likely to happen scene. You KNOW Alucard would be one to bask in the moonlight like a beach bum and when anyone questions it he simply smirks and give some creepy answer that makes everyone wonder about him even more.
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Hellhound with cat ears, Schro would be soo pissed if he saw this :D
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OMG!!!! I hope someone requested this!! the art is good and all, i mean i can't draw that but, It doesn't look like alu! other then the dog, that one looks like him.
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Lol, these are hilarious.

A question about the title: you list this as "15-20", don't you mean "11-15", or did I miss something? :confused:
ErinPtah's avatar
Ahh, you got me. Fixed the title, thanks!
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