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Merman of the Red October Seas by ErinPrimette Merman of the Red October Seas :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 2 0 Morning Refreshments by ErinPrimette Morning Refreshments :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 6 3 Doctor Freezerburn by ErinPrimette Doctor Freezerburn :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 4 0 Cure Gaia by ErinPrimette Cure Gaia :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 7 0 Cure Ocean by ErinPrimette Cure Ocean :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 9 0 Cure Vulcan by ErinPrimette Cure Vulcan :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 7 0 Cure Aero by ErinPrimette Cure Aero :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 5 0 Captain Enari by ErinPrimette Captain Enari :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 1 0
Lilo's Magical Mission Chapter 31
Jumba may have tolerated lectures just enough during his college years, but he now found himself wishing these lectures from Pleakley would end already.
"UGGGHHH!" he groaned as he leaned back in the living room, Pleakley showing him how to work the vacuum, "am wishing little girl was here to do this instead!"
"None of that!" insisted Nani, shaking her head back and forth as she entered the room, hands on her hips, "Lilo and Stitch are taking a nice vacation with Gantu, Victoria, Finder, Angel and Ace on the planet of Pokitaru. They've earned it. And you are going to help David and I around the house."
"Jumba is wishing he won lottery…" he grumbled.
Lilo packed up her things into a large suitcase as Gantu readied the ship that would take them to Pokitaru. They were eager and ready to relax and to enjoy their lottery winnings on the best island planet in the galaxy.
About two hours later, everyone was sitting in the ship, and Ple
:iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 6 1
Glaciera by ErinPrimette Glaciera :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 3 0 Fusion's Echo by ErinPrimette Fusion's Echo :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 5 0 Sienna the Cryptid Junkie by ErinPrimette Sienna the Cryptid Junkie :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 3 0 Elemental Star Civilians by ErinPrimette Elemental Star Civilians :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 3 0 Miraiki's Winter Wonderland by ErinPrimette Miraiki's Winter Wonderland :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 5 0 Spunky Rikako by ErinPrimette Spunky Rikako :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 4 0 Lumibeetle by ErinPrimette Lumibeetle :iconerinprimette:ErinPrimette 1 0


Star Owls by AndrewMcIntoshArt Star Owls :iconandrewmcintoshart:AndrewMcIntoshArt 238 17
Captain America Civil War and Ideology
From a thematic and philosophical standpoint, the 2016 film Captain America: Civil War raises several interesting questions and deals with heavy ideological content in peculiar ways, the most effective of which is that these philosophies are not at all separate from the main characters and who they are as people. Their philosophies and personalities are not contradictory, but rather complementary. For the purposes of this piece, it will mostly focus on the central conflict and the two primary motivators behind it, namely Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. 
I did touch on Tony's extrajudicial actions in my previous piece regarding Iron Man and the War on Terror, but Civil War marks the point where not just Tony's, but the rest of the Avenger's actions are brought into scrutiny. It is quite true to say that the Avengers are iffy via a legal standpoint, as well-meaning and heroic they may be, they do operate out of any sort of organized system of international law, operating by thei
:iconsofiya03:Sofiya03 4 15
Drawtober 3 - night owl by Noctualis Drawtober 3 - night owl :iconnoctualis:Noctualis 754 30
Ayn Rand and Bourgeois Capitalism
Ayn Rand's ideology is quite abhorrent, though if one wants to dissect her ideology one must also analyze the real-life effect that it has on politics. The amount of real-life objectivists in real life as a political force is minuscule, but what is noted is that her toxic ideology has bled into the fabric of modern-day conservatism and neoliberalism. Because of no matter the differences that exist between the two ideologies, they ultimately value the same thing: capitalism and class privilege. And such things are also correlated in authoritarianism, or at the very least are manifested in such a system. 
Ayn Rand's philosophy (as established before) is titled Objectivism, an ideology which defines overt selfishness as its primary moral value. According to Rand, one should solely live out of their own self-interests and that their own self-interest is the most important thing in life. The inverse of selfishness (altruism) is seen by Objectivists as a moral failing, and that a
:iconsofiya03:Sofiya03 2 2
Hollywood, China, and Capitalism
One thing to keep in mind that in regards to various different countries is that they often have various different stances on media and in particular, in regards to censorship. Because not only does censorship often reflect at the very least a segment of the moral values that the population holds when regarding certain subjects, but it also does have a very noticeable effect on money, and how producers of media often curtail around censorship or actively censor their own products in order to appeal to a certain audience. And this certain audience question is China, or rather Mainland China. China at this point in time has surpassed the domestic US box office market. Also relevant is that the Chinese government has a foreign film quota with only
:iconsofiya03:Sofiya03 3 12
Intergalactic Fusion Book 2 - Page 71 by Galactic-Rainbow Intergalactic Fusion Book 2 - Page 71 :icongalactic-rainbow:Galactic-Rainbow 11 2 Intergalactic Fusion Book 2 - Page 70 by Galactic-Rainbow Intergalactic Fusion Book 2 - Page 70 :icongalactic-rainbow:Galactic-Rainbow 9 0 Intergalactic Fusion Book 2 - Page 69 by Galactic-Rainbow Intergalactic Fusion Book 2 - Page 69 :icongalactic-rainbow:Galactic-Rainbow 8 0 Intergalactic Fusion Book 2 - Page 68 by Galactic-Rainbow Intergalactic Fusion Book 2 - Page 68 :icongalactic-rainbow:Galactic-Rainbow 9 0 Intergalactic Fusion Book 2 - Page 67 by Galactic-Rainbow Intergalactic Fusion Book 2 - Page 67 :icongalactic-rainbow:Galactic-Rainbow 10 0 Intergalatic Fusion Book 2 - Page 66 by Galactic-Rainbow Intergalatic Fusion Book 2 - Page 66 :icongalactic-rainbow:Galactic-Rainbow 8 0 Intergalactic Fusion Book 2 - Page 65 by Galactic-Rainbow Intergalactic Fusion Book 2 - Page 65 :icongalactic-rainbow:Galactic-Rainbow 8 0 The Call of Cthulhu by Kaek The Call of Cthulhu :iconkaek:Kaek 81 2 Golden Staff Bird by Nevan12 Golden Staff Bird :iconnevan12:Nevan12 14 0 Vision and Wanda 2 by J-666 Vision and Wanda 2 :iconj-666:J-666 10 1 Mahoutsukai no Yome by AllyPhills Mahoutsukai no Yome :iconallyphills:AllyPhills 40 7


The Girl Who Loved Ultron by ErinPrimette
+80 for background
Full Body
Super Sailor Moon by ErinPrimette 
+40 for each additional character
+80 for background
Half Body
Commish: Hermione and Luna by ErinPrimette 
+40 for each additional character
+80 for background
Head Shot
Trinish Art Trade by ErinPrimette 
+40 for each additional character
+80 for background
Chibi Natsu Commish by ErinPrimette 
+40 for each additional character
+80 for background




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Looks like Flight of the Navigator has made its home in Turner Classic Movies (TCM).
Guys? I find myself craving a need to roleplay Mass Effect with a plot line of Beauty and the Beast, preferably with Miranda Lawson and the Shadow Broker.
104 deviations
Staying up to date on current events also means me tweaking the plot line for Message to Miraiki.


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Considering the general Election is one month away for the United States, I’ve been thinking the Pretty Cure would be persistent activists in the real world. Anyone out there willing to draw the Pretty Cure as activists?


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