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The Unchosen by TomasClark

<da:thumb id="372702276"/>      excuses for why I'm shakingwe live in a world of apologies.
I made a mistake a year back,
choosing my addiction to oxygen
over less demanding things.
I’m sick of trembling for problems
that aren’t mine and I’m sick of trying
to romanticize black holes and
the indiscriminate nature of lithium and
I’m sick of waking up every morning
feeling sick. and truly, I’m sorry
but I’m not ready to accept my role
in the making of myself. I’m not ready
to lament for those with a smaller
pain tolerance, and for my dislike
of anything that requires commitment.
I’m sorry I miss you and I’m sorry
I won’t admit that out loud.
how scary is it to be something
so unalterably heavy, to be diagnosed
as your own worst enemy, but god,
you’re so fucking beautiful,
and not in the stereotypical boy
meets girl meets fairytale way, but
the kind that makes my heart
bleed a million miles quicker.
I just wanted to cry on all
your scars and wash them clean.
when things are bad for

Shedding the old skin by Lepa-Dinis   snakeI will slough off
all my feelings for you
like a second skin
for somebody else
to slip into

Automatonone day i asked him to rewire me and he did
and there was a key that opened up my ribcage like some safe
like it’s worth protecting what’s in there
and he cut open nerve centers and peered inside with his microscope eyes and
he fixed me, replaced lines of nerve cells with copper wiring and didn’t realize nerves are made in the synapses, in the spaces between the cells
he rewired me and left no spaces in my head and
i didn’t feel real anymore
   Automaton by Almacan

Mature Content

I 'm in to deep by Garden-Of-BlackRoses
   [ ]I am not crying because I lost him,
I am crying because I lost me.
I have given up,
tears dripping like burning wax down my cheeks
and into the candle.
It's dark, now:
I've said goodbye.
[I cannot hold on any longer.]

escape by poivre

<da:thumb id="408607750"/>   to map day I will tell my daughter to touch herself
before she ever lets a man do it for her, to learn
her body-secrets and the shape of pleasure. I will
tell her that San Francisco always keeps your heart.
that her skin is a blank canvas, that hair grows,
the value of the right kind of disrespect. that the older
we get, the more we need the people who knew us
when we were young. I will tell my daughter
to give away the secrets that keep her up at night,
and that there is never a wrong time to love someone,
but sometimes a wrong way. I will teach my daughter
to travel without makeup; that sometimes forever means
morning and sometimes the ends of the earth means
Africa or one city over. that it's okay to be afraid of
I will tell my daughter that life is teetering across
the bridge, that the panic building in her chest is okay;
that good love is waiting on the other side; that better
love is holding her hand; and that the best love is her own
voice in the back of her mind, saying "

Tempest by melannc

a self-portraitI am chaos theory,
that strange amalgamation of
order and anarchy,
fearsome and gorgeous
as a star, a galaxy.
look at my arms,
spiralling, stunning
as a Lorenz attractor,
attracting stardust to my centre,
my black hole,
my churning void of gravity.
are you brave enough to look
straight at me?
are you wise enough to see
the beauty in this fury,
deterministic matter
devolving into a haze of
the arbitrary?
I am a fusion of dynamical systems,
a point on a geometrical
manifold, and yet I am
so much more.
observing me does not collapse me.
I am infinite (im)possibility.

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Sorry i forgot. alreaddy coment here :giggle:
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hehe, no worries! ;)
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Thank you very much for the feature :heart: :heart:
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Thank you for the feature!  Beautiful gallery you put together.  :-)
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My pleasure! :heart: And thank you! :aww:
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Great feature dear. Thank you for including mine :heart:
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My pleasure! :hug:
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Thank you so much !!! :)
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My pleasure! :aww:
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Nice! Words and pics..
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Glad you enjoyed it! :)
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oh my gosh! this is so lovely.

Thank you for featuring two of my pieces--honestly, it really means a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed them enough, and I'm honored to be among such lovely writers!

Thank you<3
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My pleasure! :aww: I'm happy that you like the feature! Your writing touched me and I am grateful that you share it! :hug:
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Thanks for the feature :)
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My pleasure! :aww:
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My pleasure! :heart:
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