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In The Storm
I will live in spite of you;
    pull my oars one by one,
    water churning the miles gone.
    Squint my eyes,
    suck back my tears -
    Use my metacortex
    to combat these fears
    'cause fuck! biting the bullet -
I will make that bullet my gem.
    Hold tight to my ration,
    my reason,
    my rationality -
    my ship floating in the
    dark sea you left me.
    I spit the salt
    'cause I know these rains -
I will weather this storm.
    Take my dry bones and
    treat them like the sticks they are -
    rubrubrub until they spark;
    Use the fire to light the waves,
    tired of waiting on "break of day" -
I will be my own sun;
    craft my own moon;
    sail past the edge
    of your survival horizon.
    Chart stars you can't dream of,
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Do Not Disturb by erinightwind Do Not Disturb :iconerinightwind:erinightwind 0 0 Solitude by erinightwind Solitude :iconerinightwind:erinightwind 0 0 Seeing Red by erinightwind Seeing Red :iconerinightwind:erinightwind 7 0
No Time
Six Years      I laughed at your morbid jokes.
Five Years    You said you were in love.
Four Years    Moved in together.
                 I asked you to marry me.
Three Years  Our wedding day.
                 I started disappointing you.
Two Years    You stopped forgiving me.
                 My guilt became too much.
One Year     I started facing my own demons.
                 You started excusing yours.
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Eyes by erinightwind Eyes :iconerinightwind:erinightwind 3 0 Fortitude by erinightwind Fortitude :iconerinightwind:erinightwind 6 15 Innocence by erinightwind Innocence :iconerinightwind:erinightwind 1 0 Standing Still by erinightwind Standing Still :iconerinightwind:erinightwind 5 4
I saw her first beside the bay,
her hair caught up by the breeze;
a full minute I stood, all forgotten
in the wake of her; I remembered
as a boy being caught by surf and
nearly drowned, in tumbling waters;
I gasped, for fear I'd drown again,
my feet firmly on the earth.
She was still young enough
to be unaffectedly adorable;
unself-conscious enough
to be accidentally gorgeous;
She had sight and poise
enough to hold her wisdom;
Grace enough to blush when
she stole this sailors' heart.
Bright and vivacious her
clever mind shone out from
green eyes like a warning -
"There will be rocks, but
I will help you find them."
She was my lighthouse, tall
and lit within to guide
creaking ships safely home.
Tried to love the land for her
but she would have none of it.
"The ocean is your blood, and so,
you can only live at sea."
Out I'd go on voyages to test
my body, and to feed my soul.
yet the scent of land
became like sweet perfume.
The morning of my last voyage
dawned crisp, and cold, and blue;
:iconerinightwind:erinightwind 4 0
I can't
ours touches on
a desperately
transcendent love -
minds grasping at,
hands grasping at,
an other who was
just there, I swear,
in my mind. like a
memory who won't
shake loose,
you are too woven in -
your fibers spread
cross thoughts, and
through thoughts, and
on thoughts, and
in thoughts, and you
are too tied to my
nervous, nervous system.
we rasp against each
other so often. our
assumptions lie as
flint and steel - forgotten
in wait on the ground -
a small misstep and,
fire! or blood, depending
on where the foot was.
we are so used to being
leg, hand, arm, heart,
to each other, we forget -
we are two, separate.
we are not telepaths.
despite our shared
nervous, nervous systems.
we are not perfectly
compatible, despite
symbiosis. we are
limited, finite humans.
so when the you who is
my hand cannot do what
I who am your hand would,
dissonance comes, and
doubt, but still your
thoughts are woven and
tangled and tangling tied.
can you walk away if
your leg cannot bend, hand
cannot grasp, arm
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67 percent
Home and the heart, often
tied together by simple platitudes;
familiarity of a place, a face, tied
to common surroundings and goals.
Wholeness of being seen as
a place to come home to.
What if, to be whole,
you have to divide?
Home is in pieces.
As I lie here, scribbling this in
the tidier corners of my mind,
a piece slumbers in my arms,
the fit like that of a lost puzzle.
Face smooth and content in his
snore-filled reverie, this piece
makes me want to be more than merely.
Another piece lies distant, quiet
in his own tossing, twitching sleep.
Angular joints make him impossible to hold.
Hard planes take him beyond my touch.
This piece is sometimes hard to love,
but for the spark of his soul, I press on.
Heart and mind find
some shelter in both -
a kindred feeling beyond
walls and schedules, past
the mundane details of address.
This. And that. Together. My heart.
Can I stretch like a rubber band,
caught on two points and made to thrum?
This hurts.
:iconerinightwind:erinightwind 3 2
Drowning by erinightwind
Mature content
Drowning :iconerinightwind:erinightwind 9 16
Heaven is what I
taste, in every kiss-
our voices twined in
the holiest chorus.
The profane with you
becomes the sacred;
the meeting of skin
akin to a prayer.
Our movements are like
daily prostrations;
every gasp and moan
a call to worship.
God sent love as
a gift, a mercy,
to all mankind. I
did not believe until
:iconerinightwind:erinightwind 3 1
Unassuming pale exterior
hiding vast acres of ocean -
broad, smooth, shifting,
lightly white capped and
home to thousands of
silver fishthoughts, twinkling.
I want to sail in you,
tracking every current,
learning every breeze,
dip my hands and taste
the salt of your mind,
soft on my tongue. To
swim with fish; the
fins of your thoughts making
a tracery of patterns
on my skin - covering the
spectrum of sensation
from inner
to outer
and back.
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Two Roads by erinightwind Two Roads :iconerinightwind:erinightwind 1 0

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Yes, after years of seeing this '100 Themes' creature float around, I've finally decided to take up the challenge. Why? Ehn, why not?

Besides, it would be nice to be one of the few people who has actually finished the whole thing. Haha!

Thus, I will not be posting anything non-100ThemeMeme related until this monstrosity is filled. It's supposed to be a challenge, after all.

And no, I won't only be posting photographs for this. Some of my interpretations of the themes might be photomanipulations, drawings, paintings, fiber art, metal art, or even poetry/prose. I am a multimedia artist, right?

On the request of a friend, who's apparently impressed by my eclectic body of knowledge :shrug:, I'll list all the techniques used thus far: Photography (digital, traditional), stage make-up, pen-and-ink drawing, prose (fiction), poetry (fixed, blank verse), culinary arts (main dishes).

Also, I'll be including post-dates with each one. This is just because I'd like to be able to track my progress, see how long it takes me. I'm not going for a fast finish - I'll take the time needed for each one - I'm just curious.

1. Introduction 09/01/08
2. Love 09/28/08
3. Light 08/17/08
4. Dark 08/17/08
5. Seeking Solace 10/17/08
6. Break Away 04/22/09
7. Heaven 4/28/11
8. Innocence Finished 07/06/2011, posted 07/07
9. Drive 03/31/2011
10. Breathe Again 08/17/08
11. Memory 09/28/09
12. Insanity 09/28/08
13. Misfortune
14. Smile 08/31/08
15. Silence 01/04/09
16. Questioning aka You Are Both my Brothers 02/13/10
17. Blood 08/17/08
18. Rainbow 08/18/08
19. Gray 08/17/08
20. Fortitude 08/02/2011
21. Vacation
22. Mother Nature
23. Cat 08/17/08
24. No Time 09/30/2011
25. Trouble Lurking
26. Tears
27. Foreign 09/28/08
28. Sorrow 06/09/2011
29. Happiness 10/07/09
30. Under the Rain 08/17/08
31. Flowers 08/17/08
32. Night 03/19/11
33. Expectations 08/17/08
34. Stars
35. Hold My Hand aka I Will 04/06/11
36. Precious Treasure 08/17/08
37. Eyes 09/23/2011
38. Abandoned 12/03/09
39. Dreams 10/25/09
40. Rated
41. Teamwork
42. Standing Still 07/05/2011
43. Dying
44. Two Roads Drawn 4/12/11, submitted 4/14/11
45. Illusion
46. Family 08/17/08
47. Creation 08/18/08
48. Childhood 08/17/08
49. Stripes 09/13/08
50. Breaking the rules 08/18/08
51. Sport
52. Deep in Thought 08/17/08
53. Keeping a Secret 09/28/08
54. Tower
55. Waiting 08/17/08
56. Danger Ahead
57. Sacrifice 03/10/2010
58. Kick in the Head
59. No Way Out 08/17/08
60. Rejection
61. Fairy Tale 12/28/08
62. Magic Tentatively decided on 06/14/09, posted on 09/07/09
63. Do Not Disturb 05/30/2014
64. Multitasking 10/04/09
65. Horror 10/01/09
66. Traps
67. Playing the Melody 09/10/08
68. Hero 08/17/08
69. Annoyance
70. 67% Written 06/03/2011, posted 06/04/2011
71. Obsession
72. Mischief Managed 09/28/08
73. I Can't 06/08/2011
74. Are You Challenging Me?
75. Mirror
76. Broken Pieces 08/18/08
77. Test
78. Drink 04/21/2011
79. Starvation
80. Words 3/15/2011
81. Pen and Paper
82. Can You Hear Me? 09/07/09
83. Heal
84. Out Cold
85. Spiral
86. Seeing Red 05/14/2014
87. Food 09/28/08
88. Pain
89. Through the Fire
90. Triangle 09/28/08
91. Drowning 05/12/2011
92. All That I Have 12/27/2010
93. Give Up
94. Last Hope
95. Advertisement
96. In the Storm 11/15/14
97. Safety First 08/17/08
98. Puzzle 08/28/08
99. Solitude 06/15/2014
100. Relaxation


Finally posted this recipe:… for my friend Webworm after telling her a long while ago that I'd make a chicken soup recipe just for her.
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