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Stephanie and Orpheus by erin-hime Stephanie and Orpheus by erin-hime
The only thing that'll make Hades smile, other than watching his youngest brother humiliate himself, is his beautiful wife. :D

After doodling up the design for Hades, I had this strong desire to draw Hades with Persephone being all adorable. This pose got stuck in my head, and I decided to see if I could pull it off. I suppose its sort of strange to have the god of death be adorkable, but...there you go.

I'm sort of going with the general idea that Hades is a fairly benevolent god. The ancient Greeks feared him, certainly, but merely because he was the god of death, not any other reason. In fact, I think the only myth he's cast as a villain happens to be the abduction of Persephone, and in the end, she ended up his wife. He's more of a misunderstood god at this point, more of less chill about everything, content to remain in his realm and rule over the dead. He's forced to come up from time to time, much to his dismay, and he generally dresses in a somewhat modern fashion for the time.

He's usually doesn't look this young, but he's mostly doing it for Persephone, since she opted for look eighteen for Psyche's sake. He wants to match his wife, not his moronic brothers.

(Also, I sort of like the mention on the Wiki article on Hades that its unclear if Persephone conspired with Hades to eat the pomegranate. In my mythos...she did.)

I do rather like how these two ended up. Persephone looking vibrant and full of life, since she's the goddess of spring on the surface, and Hades looking sort of toned down and death-like. Suits them well, I think, and Hades still manages to look hot. I'm sure Zeus likes to keep Hades in the Underworld so he has no competition...although Hades is the only brother content to have one woman. -_-

I also love the idea that, although Hades is the oldest brother, he comes up to the surface, and suddenly he's Diomedes' younger brother. And Zeus harps on it. ;P (the whole idea behind Persephone's surname is that Hayden's similar to Hades. She doesn't get out much, so she didn't get the memo on the family name...)

I think it's funny that I keep coming up with this adorable romances outside the main one for this story. :O_o: Psyche and Eros have a lot to live up to, apparently. ;P

Oh, right, the reason I have their eyes looking different is that I like the idea that my story and ~callisto-chan's Ursa Major take place in the same universe. Rather than have her change her characters, I decided to change mine. I was going to give Persephone green eyes to distinguish her from my other Persephone...but then I remembered her natural eye color was green. And brown...I didn't like, so they're just a darker blue. As for Hades, I figured it would be neat if he was like a reverse Zeus, so I have him brown eyes. Suits him, methinks. :D

Stephanie Hayden/Persephone and Orpheus Kalonimos/Hades ~erin-hime
Modern day Cupid and all related characters and concepts ~erin-hime
callisto-chan Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's weird to think that Hades and Persephone are an adorkable couple, considering in myth they're spoken of with an amount of fear (though Wiki also says that Hades is a mostly passive figure, concerned more with the upkeep of his realm and maintaining the balance, which seems to largely fit with your interpretation). I mean, it's rare, in Greek myth, to have adorkable couples anyway, but having that couple be the god of the underworld and his consort, that's...even more amazing, really. ;P

I love how they both look, though! Having a colour reference for Hades is certainly nice, since I was picturing him as pale...but not this pale! I was thinking he was more Stephanie-pale (since she's pale compared to the other gods), but he makes her look tan. I guess the underworld doesn't give you much opportunity to tan. ;P It's a very striking look, though, especially with the dark eyes! I didn't know you'd changed the eye colours for your characters, so I was picturing him with the crystal blue eyes. ^^; (And incidentally, while I like Persephone's eyes here, I hope at least Eros/Aphrodite/Hedone keep the crystal blue eyes. They're just so striking that I think it adds to their beauty. They'd probably be appropriate, power-wise, for Zephyrus too, since that's how I pick eye colours for my gods, but it's up to you. Just my two cents on the whole eye thing; completely up to you what you do with it. >.>)

I also love the idea of reverse Zeus, since it's so true! They are pretty much opposites, both physically (one in the skies and one under the earth) and in realms (both kings, but of vastly different domains!) Having that opposite-ness be reflected in their appearances is pretty neat. Yeah, Orpheus, um, takes after his mother. Guy doesn't get out much, either. ;P

(I love the idea that, should he come up to the surface and take on the Kalonimos name, he finds himself in the centre of some little media frenzy, since while Diomedes and his wife are relatively well known, the brothers that keep out of the limelight aren't so much. People want to know about him, and the media does well as portraying him as the sexy, brooding one (that type of man's all the rage after Twilight hit theatres! :P). Meanwhile, Orpheus has zero interest in any of this crap, since he doesn't need to do anything to bolster his power - people fear death and the underworld, so, like Hestia, he already has tons of power, and doesn't need to artificially generate 'worship' through business. And the whole sexy thing just rankles him, because hello, he has a wife girlfriend wife and has absolutely zero interest in any other woman. He can't wait until he goes back to his place, where everything is as it should be and he has absolute power. And no paparazzi. :P)

I also think it's funny, since Hades is so mellow and toned down here, but I guess he was an amazing fighter in his youth, according to the Wiki. He kicked ass in the Titanomachy, and even ruling over the dead has some perks (since he was also associated with everything under the earth, including precious minerals and metals - so he's got a lot of bling to his name too ;P) But the fact that he doesn't seem to care about any of that, so long as he has his dear wife by his side, is interesting. But maybe he's mellowed during the centuries, who knows? >.>

Okay, to go back to the picture itself, I love how they look - Stephanie's outfit is as cute as ever, and while I was originally picturing him in black, having that muted gray shade is nice too. And I love how happy he looks! It's not what you'd expect, but how can he not be happy when he's got a pic with his wife by his side? (And their poses are nice too, I should add. Simple, but really cute!)

It's great to see a picture of them together like this! I hope you art more MDC art, since apparently you have a wealth of adorkable couples to work with. >.> Love it! :D
erin-hime Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, it is probably weird that this couple’s viewed as adorkable, but I guess it’s mostly just because I never really viewed Hades as a bad guy like most modern people do. Yes, he did something terrible by abducting Persephone, but that’s apparently the only bad thing he did, and it’s not like Persephone was exactly fighting the marriage like a lot of goddesses do. But yeah, Hades can sometimes come off as an ass…but only to the dead, which he keeps a tight rein on. But for good reason. Don’t need them sneaking off to the land of the living and create havoc and whatnot. I think Hades and Persephone are about the only other couple that ended up happy. :O_o:

One of the reasons I wanted to do this was to have a color reference for Hades. Ha ha, yeah, I did literally mean pale, as in Caucasian pale, not Greek pale, when I said he was pale. ;P I have no idea why I picture him that pale, but whatever. He does make Persephone look dark! I’m not surprised you pictured him with the pale blue eyes, but when I decided to change the eye color, I definitely saw him with brown eyes, and the opposite Zeus look just sort of followed. (Not to worry; the Eros/Aphrodite/Hedone eyes stay. They’re all related, so I figure it’s a family trait more than anything else. Can’t change that about Eros!) But having him look opposite does make sense, since, like you said, they’re like completely opposite in every way. Having them look opposite just adds to that. ^^;

(I don’t really see him being the center of a media circus, mostly because he tends to avoid mortals when he’s up on the surface. I doubt Thanassis gets much attention, either, despite being a Kalonimos as well. Now what I can see is Diomedes being a little vindictive, and making it a point to shove Orpheus in the spotlight, just because he’s evil like that. Orpheus just rolls his eyes and is a good sport about it, just to get on Diomedes’ nerves. And meanwhile, all sorts of teenage girls now have Orpheus Kalonimos posters all over their walls, not realizing they’re swooning over the god of the dead. Well, actually, if they knew that…they might swoon harder. He’s immortal! Like Edward Cullen!)

Hades still is an amazing fighter, it’s just that unlike most of the warrior gods, he doesn’t flaunt it. Mostly because it helps catch the enemies off guard, or something like that. But for the most part, yeah, he’s more of less meh about his realm of influence, enjoying ruling over the dead and everything else under the ground about as well as the next person. But he’s also trying to prove he’s a better god than the others, not really flaunting that as well. Besides, he’s content where he is, as far from the drama his brothers create as he can get. ;P

These guys turned out so much better than I thought they were going to! Stephanie’s still stealing from the modest (*snort*) side of Penny’s closet, and I suppose I could have put Orpheus in black, and he’s still look normal. But I kind of liked the idea of him wearing a lighter color, since it’s unexpected. He does where tones of black and grey for the most part, though. But yeah, I also wanted a picture where he looked happy, especially since about the only time he is happens to be around his wife. So might as well show that. ;P

Hee hee, thanks! :heart:
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