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Endless Plane of Blue by erin-hime Endless Plane of Blue by erin-hime
Her first thought of consciousness was the fact that she was lying on her back. She realized that she had just dreaming of visiting Stonehenge with her family, since she had been excited about the monument. After all, it wasn’t everyday one saw a structure built thousands of years ago by some ancient civilization for some unknown, if one thought of it, proposes. Sure, if could be a calendar, but whose to say for sure? It could be something else entirely. Personally, she liked the entertain the idea that it was a gateway to another dimension, to another world.

But still, she needed to get up, judging from the way the sunlight brightly filtered through her eyelids. It was strange, though, that she was on her back, since she was a side sleeper. She must of rolled over, she decided. Slowly, she opened her eyes, expecting to see the slightly familiar walls of the hotel staring back at her, but what she saw instead had her sitting up rather rapidly.

For what she saw was not four walls, but an endless plane of blue, broken only by the two bright orbs the floated harmlessly in the void.

- Shinzui upon awakening in Melohdia


Yeah, I know, this isn’t actually what I had written for this part of the RP. But yeah, I like it. ^^; I can’t get into exactly why I’ve been pondering about how she waked up in the world, but I have been, and suddenly got this picture in my head. I didn’t think I could pull it off until I found a stock that was perfect. :) And the background’s not half bad, either.

This is the point where Jennifer realizes that she’s not in Kansas (or rather, England) anymore. Yeah, I’ve decided Melohdia has two suns, as well as two moons. When Nuncio created Melohdia, he actually created a bridge to another world, which is sort of one of the reasons he forbids traveling to other places within the world, to avoid contact with the natives. (That’s not the secret, though.) That’s just a way to explain the alien sky, because I think if he had created it, it would just similar to Earth. ^^; (I just like the idea of the sky being so vastly different from Earth that it freaks them out for a bit.)

I’m rather pleased with this, even though in my mind, it was so much cooler. I’m not great at landscapes, so I’m just happy it looks like it’s supposed to. :P

(And yes, I know, another Shinzui picture. Sorry, I got this one stuck in my head, so, I had to draw it. ^^;)

Shinzui and image © ~erin-hime
Pose from *SenshiStock
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callisto-chan Featured By Owner May 4, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like this. The background is pretty good; the grass and ocean/river looks very good, and the sky does look very alien. The dual-star system must give Melohdia a lot of light, even during night. Too bad the Melohdians haven't yet harnessed solar power; they'd be set for life then. ;) (As an aside, this also sort of helps me out too, since I had always pictured Melohdia as possessing only one moon and one sun like us).

Shinzui looks very nice too; it's an interesting touch that she's seen from behind, which isn't usually done. Her baffled expression is nice too; I can't say I blame her. :P Just wait until nighttime hits.

Anyway, very nicely done. :D
erin-hime Featured By Owner May 4, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I surprised myself by actually getting the background to look like I had wanted it to. :) I always love doing grass (it's the one background aspect I've mastered), and the river (because she ends up next to a river, remember, and a few feet behind her is where the desert starts) does look rather nice, I'm happy to say (tutorial anyone?). Originally, Melohdia had one sun/moon, but I had this idea, and thought it was neat, and made the world just that much less like Earth. They don't get all that much light as you might think, as the suns orbit each other. ^^; Might be slightly brighter at night as the moons reflect the light to two suns, but not all that much. ^^; (Yeah, they'd totally be set if they had technology. Hee.)

I was rather pleased with her confused look, and yes, she is rightfully baffled. I knew I had to do her from behind the show what she's seeing, and the funny thing is I forgot her belt thing at first, so it looked...odd. But it looks better with it. ^^; Certainly gives you a different perspective of her outfit, anyway. (Hee, I'll have to remember the nighttime thing. >.> )

SenshiStock Featured By Owner May 4, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Pretty patten on the outfit :3
erin-hime Featured By Owner May 4, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, it was given to me by ~callisto-chan, so, yeah. ^^; It is pretty, though. :)
SenshiStock Featured By Owner May 4, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Then you applied it well :D
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