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Demi God Couple by erin-hime Demi God Couple by erin-hime
With the knowledge that I'm within days of finally receiving my copy of Underworld by Meg Cabot, which got my muse going on this story to begin with, my muse has been prepping for an all out assault for whenever I actually get to read the story. Hopefully, this only lasts a few days, which I do have The Gatekeeper I want to work on, but I welcome the muse change, even for a little bit.

Apparently, this morning, my muse decided it didn't want to wait anymore, and this cliched picture. >.O Not like I'm arguing...much...

I think it was the idea of drawing Psyche in this outfit (although originally the shirt had stripes...the idea of putting her in plaid was too strong), espeically with the striped socks and the Converses. I like to think of her style as somehow hip, but with a touch of her own personalization. Which I think is achieved here. She's certainly nothing like her sisters, that's for sure! I really like what I have for her hair now, since it sort of has that popular girl look, while at the same time could be passed for just a normal, geeky girl like Psyche.

And then there's Eros, looking strangely good in blue. Why does he look good in blue? He's the God of Love, for Heaven's sake! Luckily, he does also look good in red, but that shirt was just too pretty a color not to use, and he looks great in it. :D I think he lost some of his 'surfer boy' looks when i took out his overly wavy hair, but now he just looks like a stereotypical popular guy...which makes sense, given who he is. This is why he and Psyche are so evenly matched - they both look the part, but never act it. He's still frikin' adorable though.

They both are, truth be told.

I originally wasn't going to add a background, but my trial of Photoshop CS3 runs out today, and I don't know when I'm getting a copy of the new Photoshop, so I figured I'd best get in my brush use while I could. And to be honest, I think it does look better this way. Now sure what they're doing, other than standing in some tall grass, but whatever. It's cute and bright and shining and bright and all that.

So yay, random MDC art! ;P

Psyche Karalis and (this version of) Eros ~erin-hime
Modern Day Cupid and all related concepts and characters ~erin-hime
callisto-chan Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay, MDC art! I hope you get your book soon so you can get your muse nice and MDCified. >.> (Of course, by the looks of it, it already is...which is just as good! Get your mind right in a MDC sort of mood. :D

Ha, I love how the field background, though simple, works so well with the colours you chose, especially Psyche's dark green shirt, and Eros' blue shirt -- they really complement the background nicely, and help tie them in with it, if that makes sense. Not to mention you might as well get all the use out of CS3 as you can, and a background's a good way to do it. >.>

I love how both of them turned out, and I can't say that I have a favourite one because they both look good! Eros looks like a surfer dude, as he does, and while I'm sad that the waves are gone, this is still really cute! Psyche...I'm not sure if she looks like a popular girl, but I do love her hair, and the outfit is cute! (I can see what you mean about using that shirt again. It works just as well with plaid as it does stripes.) Like I said earlier, green looks surprisingly good on her, particularly darker green, and so I think you made a good choice going with that. I also like the striped socks, since they're both really cute, and go with the skirt.

I have to admit, I'm glad you did some experimenting, particularly with the highlights on the skin! The picture would have looked just as good without them, but I find it fun to try new things once in a while, and I hope you do too. I hope I didn't come off as too pushy or anything! >.< But I really think the highlights look good on them, even if they take a bit more time. (I think the only other thing I might recommend is putting a highlight down the bridge of the nose, or if not that, then a little round highlight at the tip of the nose. Psyche, by the looks of it, has a slightly upturned nose, and I think that might help emphasize that (along with any other characters who have upturned noses). Just my two cents. ^^; )

I also like how you did the hair; it reminds me a little of how you used to do highlights, except not quite. It looks really good here; it kind of looks like strands! I don't know if you plan on keeping that technique, but I'd say it turned out very well here. :D

I hope you managed to get a lot of use out of CS3, and it was great seeing you work on this one! Love it; it's really cute! :love:
erin-hime Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really hope it arrives soon as well, since this damn thing has caused me so much trouble. My muse, though, seems to know it's on it's way, and is certainly making the preparations for it. Not like that's a bad thing, mind, espeically when it pops out things like this. :D

I was rather surprised, after throwing that together, how well it did look with them. I'm glad I decided to do it, even if it was a last minute decision. :D It might might the picture that much more brighter, but it really adds to it, methinks. And it does compliment then so well. So shiny!

I'm really happy with the way they turned out as well. Usually, in poses like this, I generally favor the girl over the guy, but Eros there actually actually looks pretty good next to her (those goofballs). The waves were rather nice, but I like this a little better, and it's easier to draw for me, unfortunately. ^^; I honestly don't think he looks like a surfer dude anymore, but that's besides the point. Psyche herself doesn't look like a popular girl, not with what she's wearing, but rather like she has the potential. I love love her hair so much, and I've fallen in love with that shirt design. (After I did it for Keiko, I had to use it again, but I figured I'd do something a little different there.) Yeah, I was surprised at how well the green looked on her, and while orange was nice, it didn't pop like the green did. I'm also loving the striped socks with the Converses look, so...yeah. Stripes with plaid, Psyche? You're lucky you can pull it off...

Well, since you suggested a few things, I figured I might as well try it, just for the hell of it. It does like...interesting at least, and not bad for a first attempt. Certainly something I'm going to keep working on. I don't usually like to try new things (which is why I'm static in my style), but every now and then, I'll decide to attempt something. You didn't come off as too pushy or anything, since you do have more experience with it. ^^; I'm glad you were there to offer your opinion! (I'll take note of the nose thing. It sounds reasonable, makes sense, and is probably easy enough to do.)

I get enough flack about the way I do hair that I figured, while doing the skin highlight, I'll use the hair highlight that I used to use. ^^; Not as shiny, but less weird, I suppose. I'll probably keep it, but who knows at this point? It was a fun little experiment, at least. :D

I'm really glad you got to watch (even if I distracted you, whoops!), and I'm glad I got one more picture out of the trial. Especially one so shiny! Yay!

Thanks! :heart:
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