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Cosmic Star and Ultro



Normally when I do crossover pictures, it's with one of callisto-chan or anijel's stories, not one of my own.  But considering Cosmic Star is basically a female Ultro, I sort of had to!

(Ignore the fact that I reused old lineart for this.  It just so happened I had posed them each like this previously, so it made sense to just reuse it, since this was the general idea for the picture in the first place.)

I half expected Ultro to look kinda funny next to the more polished Cosmic Star, but somehow, although he's basically just wearing normal clothes, he still looks like a superhero?  Maybe because I've been looking at him for, ya know, several years now, idk.  And it's also always still weird to look at Cosmic Star and know she's really Nova.  callisto-chan says its the wig, but I also think it's because I know how she is, and it's so hilarious.  Because she is very put together and professional as Cosmic Star, and just sort of fumbling around as Swift Star, and you would think she'd know more as Swift Star, but no.  She doesn't.  ;P

This is turn out rather nice!  I still love Cosmic Star's uniform, although it, sadly, doesn't get featured much in the story. 

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The crossover nobody knew we needed until now. :XD: I think it's funny since Ultro's outfit, style-wise isn't too far off from Swift Star (as opposed to the more professional look of Cosmic Star) but somehow he does manage to hold his own. Although that could be because you've had him for years now, so you're used to it. I think it's funny that the actual "professional" superhero has jeans, whereas even the newbie superheroes in Cataclysm have some sort of work pant getup. Then again Ultro has less competition in his 'verse compared to Cosmic Star, so he can do what he wants.

Yeah, i still say it's the wig but again, I haven't actually read this yet so I have no idea of Cosmic Star was beyond what you've said (a little arrogant, polished, has A Look to maintain), which isn't the same as reading it (or having Nova just cringe over how she used to be :P) So I'll have to take your word for it, but I'll also argue the wig helps disguise her, like, a lot. :p It is a bit of a shame the Cosmic Star uniform probably won't be seen much/if at all, because it is nice...although from a character growth perspective, that's probably a good thing. Swift Star can move beyond the Cosmic Star persona now and all that fun stuff. Or whatever, I don't know.

The picture looks nice, and this is a pretty natural crossover to do!