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I figure I do a lot with Nova, so doing her after the others just seemed fair, even if I drew her second. She does have access to her full powers once they start to manifest again, which is why I drew her using the flight and light so often, but because of how the society is, she’s hiding that fact and pretending she only has the two so no one would catch on to who she really is. (Having two powers is uncommon but not unheard of, but having three is excessively rare, and she has, like, six – super speed, super strength, flight, light powers, invulnerability, and healing.) I mean, hell, the only reason she adds super strength to her repertoire is merely because she feels simple super speed is too boring, lol.

Like I said with Matrix, these weren’t meant to be flowy, but rather to match Lolita. I do really like how her pose turned out, since I wasn’t sure I could pull it off making it match Lolita’s. She did turn out really cute, though, which I’m so happy about. :D

Swift Star

Lol, one of them is one of the main characters, so I doubt you’ll forget too quickly. :P I do like Cosmic Moon’s design a little more than Swift Star’s – yeah, the collar is supposed to be similar to Cosmic Star’s since she was trying to mimic her costume – but Cosmic Moon is still too new to have a ‘professional’ costume like her idol’s, which is sort of what I was trying to show.

I gave her the glasses because I felt like I needed more characters with glasses, and figured it’d work well with Luna since Nova already has glasses, and then they made her look younger somehow, because they’re actually oversized on her. :P But yeah, she does look really good in glasses, so that’s a plus.

She does sometimes do just any old sword, but this is the one she creates when she’s given time to do so. And really, she does it so often that she doesn’t really need to think about it. I don’t know why I see her forming a saber of all things, but there you glad. At least it’s funny, I guess. ;P

Cosmic Moon
commented on Matrix by

Well, I wasn’t really going for flowy for these pictures, just trying to match Lolita’s. ^^; So there’s nothing too complicated for him. I was pleasantly surprised how well the buttons worked, especially since I wasn’t too sure what his other hands would be doing, lol. And I love his hoodie as well. The chevron was an accident (I forgot it was called that, hee hee), because all I was really doing was giving him triangle shapes. ;P

I like how his hair sort of makes him look a little emo, weirdly enough. I’ve sort of toned down the hate between Gabe and his family – he gets along well with his parents, especially his father, but his siblings still give him a hard time – but considering he’s the only one without similar powers as his parents, having the little flip is sort of hilarious in it’s own right? IDK. It’s not as funny when the two respect each other, I guess. It does suck that I couldn’t figure out the glowing look (some thing else I pictures up from manhua’s, since sometimes they show people’s eyes ‘glowing’, and I thought that’d look neat). But yeah, it’s not exactly a reflection, but an actual glow, and…yeah. I can see it in my head, but I can’t color it, lol.

Yeah, I love his redesign as well, since it just looks so much better and interesting. :D

commented on Lolita by

Manhua = Korean comic

Manhwa = Chinese comic

Manga = Japanese comic

Magic Knight Rayearth really has nothing on what I’ve been reading, which is isekais set in fantasy worlds with pretty, swishy dresses and pretty hair, lol. So, yeah. This doesn’t quite fulfil what I was looking to do (flowy and swishy, I suppose), but it looked cool enough, and got stuck in my head, so I was very happy that it turned out so damn well. :D

(Oh yeah, I changed her design. I decided I didn’t like the longer sleeves, and fell in love with giving her short sleeves. So this is 100% her design, yes.)

She always ends up so pretty that it’s always a shame to cover her. But hey, if it’s just for art, it’s fine, right? LOL

Astrid probably is trying to stand out a little because she’s been sort of overlooked because of her sister, whose athletic and the sort of people you’d expect to be a superhero, which is probably why she’s wearing something like that. Plus, she’s a bit of a fashionista. I don’t know about cosplayer, but perhaps? Either way, she does look awesome, and I do love how this turned out. :D


I like doing lineless art from time to time (especially now that I sort of figured out how to do it properly), but I think I like the line art look better, enough so it’ll happen only rarely. I might do a little more experimenting in Clip Studio, but this was annoying enough to put me off for a bit. But hey, I paid for it, might as well use it, right?

(Sad thing is that I like the normal version of this I did so much better, but meh.)

I do love doing sailor skirts for some reason, mostly because they look cool, and because they’re easy for me to color. >.< As far as the mask is concerned, I figured that was a key point of Swift Star, so might as well include it with Sailor Swift Star, and then I didn’t have room for a tiara, lol.

I do still need to experiment using Clip Studio with my original way of coloring, so might be some more, less exciting experiments in the future. ;P

Sailor Swift Star