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erin-hime commented on Mages by erin-hime

Oh wow, I didn't know that! That changes the entire image! Now it looks even better somehow! :D

erin-hime commented on Mages by erin-hime

My muse is all over the freaking place, trust me. It sucks. I knew it was going to veer in this direction when I started reading the book, but whatever. Sometimes it's fun to allow your muse to wander a bit.

Buttercup's dress is new. I wasn't going to design her a 'fancy' dress for when she gets to the capital, but then decided screw it a few months ago and popped this design out, and fell it love it with. Its actually got some pattern to it, which I wasn't about to recreate with a marker piece. ^^;

The sad thing about the brightness of this is that the original looks better. The scanner seems to lighten the colors a little. Which is fine. The worst part is merely the lack of color choice, because, like, the pink isn't quite the right pink, and that sort of thing. But I manage to make it work. Maybe I'll splurge on a larger set later.

The eyeliner...was me cheating. I digitally added it. ^^; When I did the Buttercup marker piece on Tumblr, I had decided to add the eyeliner after the initial scan because I had forgotten it and it did not look good. So yeah. Can't give me credit for that one, sadly. But yeah, I think the marker pieces take a bit longer than the pencil pieces, especially with the larger sections to color like this one, but the end results are so much more satisfying!

The way these are turning out, you might see more of these in the days to come. :D


I hate knowing I put something on Tumblr and then I have to slog through it to find it again. I mean, maybe if they’re tag system actually did something on the pages, I'd be more willing to use it. I mean, I do use it, but I wouldn't hate it as much.

I have no idea why I see her wearing something with the short-to-long skirt like that, but I thought it was different enough that I could get away with it. And I mean, I was going to go with the white dress just to combine the styles, because she does come from a Western culture technically, but the blue was just so pretty! I'm sure you understand. ;P I mean, I don't really see Bri wearing this to anything else after the wedding, because of her Western mindset, but the idea is still there. I was surprised how well that sash looked with it, though! I love the idea of them mirroring each other! So cute!

It is a bit weird to draw Damien in something other than his Rider jacket, but he can't wear it all the time. Although I'm sure Bri wouldn't have minded him wearing at their wedding. I was surprised how well I liked the green on him, better than the red, but that might have to do with his skin tone? It's interesting, in any case.

One of the things I sort of want to go through and edit about GO is the part where I made mention that they typically buy their clothes, and change it so they make their clothes, and as such, they only really have one or two pairs of shoes, because they're hard to make. Like, yeah, Bri could have had fancy shoes from Coelus or something, but that doesn't fit the style, plus she likes the boots and if she can get away with wearing them, why not? It just suits her, really.

Yeah, this was just a concept design, so this is as far as it does, honestly. But it still looks good as flats, so that's as plus! Certainly turned out pretty enough. :D

Bri and Damien Wedding Designs

Yeah, I think you were thinking of this one. I had a GE cast and a GC one, but no GO one, for whatever reason. I think it had to do with the fact that this one was one of the first cast pictures I had done, so I hadn’t really started doing the large cast pictures when I did GO. ^^;

Oh yeah. Shaylee. Like, it’s sort of a good thing that I took the ‘rival’ bit away from her, so that she ends up being one of Bri’s BFF, because damn. Or maybe the fact that she’s so pretty is why I switched it in the first place? I don’t know. I just now she looks fantastic in blue, even though her ‘color’ is typically pink. I think it’s the hair, really. But I did like the idea of using what I had established with the style of Caserus, and giving it to Shaylee as well, and I think it works really well! Better than what I had designed originally for her.

I absolutely love the way Liam turned out. Then again, it fits his character more, methinks. Even though it’d definitely stand out in Caserus, I think it works merely because they’re accepting of the Coelians, and he doesn’t stand out in comparison to them. But I do like the thought that he needs to distance himself from that persona for his mental health as well. Thankfully, his style of dress isn’t vastly different from that of an Demetrian male, but then again, maybe that’s why he chose it? So he doesn’t stand out that much.

Yeah, in the original version, I had her hair down, but I never really liked it, so I gave her her original pigtails, on top of designing a new dress for her, which I love. But it also makes her look more youthful. Sure, she’s, like, thirteen, but an awkward, not-really-socialized thirteen. I mostly chose the red because that was the color I had originally out her in…sort of. I just liked the red on her, yeah. It looks good on her!

I like the short pants on Ian as well, because it’s just something different, and sort of shows the difference in styles between the cultures. Plus, you know, he’s young. Not as young as Rachel, but younger than you think, so it’s a good way to show that.

But yeah, this turned out really well, and I did have an actual cast picture (just not labeled as such), but it’s always nice to have an official one. ^^;

Genetic Crisis

I feel sort of bad that I have yet to finish this, but I just...don't have the drive to. Maybe I will some day, but right'll just have to remain a sketch. But it's a pretty sketch, so that's something? I mean, these two are pretty fun to work with, for the most part. We'll see what happens.

Waitress and Warlock