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Wannabe writer who enjoys drawing her characters (and some of her friend's characters) a little too much.

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Meg Cabot, Rick Riodan, Anne McCaffery, JK Rowling
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Write the snippet so it can leave your head and we can enjoy it as well. >.>

Glad you like it, though, and glad it inspired you a little. :D

Stolen Jacket

I really do keep trying to come up with a plot that does not involve these guys, making Discordia that actual villain and all that, but I fail every time. At least this time around, I made an effort with having Alpha be Discordia’s partner in crime? (I didn’t really change Alpha’s hair – it’s exactly shoulder length now, so it’s not actually a drastic change? To me, anyway.) I really loved the idea of them being polar opposites, which they’ve been for a while now. Omega’s been casual and comfy and alpha classy and elegant.

But Omega’s outfit was based on something I wore one day and felt cooler than I actually was, so I decided to give it to her, for whatever reason. The hat, I decided, she wears so that she could sort of pass as Alpha when she’s infiltrating. Also, she likes to wear beanies, for whatever reason, lol.

I don’t think I intended for them to be opposites of each other – the hair is supposed to be opposite – but it just worked out that way, and they look great because of it. And they match? I guess? But yeah, I love Alpha’s outfit, since I was struggling for a bit to really ‘get’ her style. And Omega…yeah, I guess there’s another reason I like her so much. ;P

Alpha and Omega

Yeah, this one I redraw, and I am super glad I did, since it’s one of those rare cases that the redraw turned out far cuter than the original did! (I totally didn’t realize how many times I redrew this, though, so that was definitely a huge surprise for me as well.) I really love this one because the expressions turned out super nice.

I feel so bad that Gaius is regulated to background character, and I had such plan for him not to be! Like, I got his to Aeolus and then promptly forgot about his ass (I’m pretending that he had to go back to Helios for whatever reason when they left for Aeolus). It sucks, because these guys have always been so cute! But yeah, with how many characters I have, well, its hard to give them all the screen time they deserve. Maybe I can correct this in the sequel? I hope.

I think when I set up their coloring, I made sure everything ‘matched’ so that they would always looks great together? Or maybe I just got lucky, I sort of forget, lol.

I do think entwined tails are a sign of endearment like holding hands, honestly, its just that Kai never remarks on seeing it. I vaguely remember the first time drawing this how I had them just entwining tails and realizing it looked like a heart, which is why subsequent pictures had the heart. Just turned out super great and super cute this time around! So love this, which makes me feel so much more guilty that I couldn’t give him more screen time, ah! :p

Aerona and Gaius

Lol, this was not a redraw, it was a reink. Which is why I was able to get it done as fast as I did, since the basic structure was already there. ^^; I basically go around and tweek the parts that I feel are wonky and that’s it, because I really like how this turned out years ago. And my style hasn’t changed that much in the past couple of years, so…it works.

I think the main reason I decided on giving Kai the dress was just so I wouldn’t have had to figure out how to do the side view of the tunic she wears or something. Idk, I like how this turned out as well! They really do look very nice together! Very simple, but simple is always nice!

Dylan and Kai

I probably would have done Gage and Kailey as well if she hadn’t mentioned that GK was giving her TWWK vibes, and I jumped on that. Sure, it might not be giving her actual ideas, but I figured might as well run with it while I had a general idea. Plus, getting to draw Lina and Blake is always fun! Tweeking her outfit and all that. (Which, is basically I changed her boots, and that’s kinda it?) The dual Nightwave’s thing was something I’m pretty sure I brought up and liked (because it was my idea, so of could I did) because it helped Blake with an alibi – can’t wonder why Blake and Nightwave aren’t ever in the same place because they sometimes are – but I don’t know if Anijel adapted the idea or not, or if she ever decided who Lina was going to end up with. So…yeah, left speculating I guess. ;P

I think Nightwave’s uniform would have looked way better if my super dark grey marker hadn’t died on me. But yeah, I did a decent job designing it, if I do say so myself. :P This was fun to do, and I really do love this one!

Night Prowl and Night Wave