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This is one of my 1 week old baby chinchillas . His name is Pooky , a little furry animal . They are all adorable and playful , but this one was standing still so I had to take a picture of him .
Every fav and comment is greatly appreciated :hug:
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Apr 17, 2012, 12:12:15 PM
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'daww I want one!
Eriline03's avatar
Get one :) they are super cute and fluffy. :hug:
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Thank you really much for the Llama:) What is that on the picture?:D
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It's a baby chinchilla :)
Eileen1804's avatar
Ohhh sweet!:D I will have it, too!!:D
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So cute : ) caught him in a good moment too, well done ^^
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This is so ADORABLE! How sweet! I wish I could say something a bit more constructive than "cute, great photo!", but he just looks so huggable, I don't really know what else to add. :lol:
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Amg he's so tiny and sweetlooking :la: Just how small is he (if you were to compared him with something)?
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Hmm.. now at 2 weeks and a half they are like 6-7 cm in length . They started to have a more defined shape. In the first week the head was bigger than the whole body . Hehe :D
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i've never seen a baby chinchilla its so cute :XD:
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he/ she is soooo cute :D like OH MAH GAWDDDD i just want to hug it and love it and squeeze it lol
Battle-for-the-Sun's avatar

Chinchillas are, like... my dream pet or something. :iconwantplz: They're absolutely adorable! And so is this photograph! The creamy colours are very fitting... :love:
plusch's avatar
oh my god, this is adorable :heart:
Good composition! I never new what a baby chinchilla looked like. cute! =)
MyChibiKitsune's avatar
he's frickin adorable!! :3
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awww) I wish, you would like to accept a request from :iconbrilliantanimals:
Eriline03's avatar
Of course ! It would be my pleasure :la:
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Adorable :) When I looked at it, I first thought it might be a mouse or rat, but it looked somehow different, maybe because its snout is more pushed in. This was more of a subconscious thought, but then I read the description to see that it's a chinchilla. That makes the image all the more interesting since it makes me think twice :)
Eriline03's avatar
Actually , in the first couple of hours he looked a bit like a mouse . My mum got scared when she saw it the first time because she thought it as a mouse :)
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Aww, Pooky's adorable! I'm so glad this is a photo with actual effort put into it as well - commonly I see pictures of pets on dA, but they are blurry or no time has been taken.

This is very eye-catching and cute! :D
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Thank you very much :la: Glad to know that i did the right thing
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