Minerva and Serena Novice Alchemy Step 1-A

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The day was finally here for Minerva to begin her studies at Crystalgate Academy. She had always had a fondness for herbology, but lacked any way to safely learn the art of potion making. She definitely felt it was better to learn from a professional over accidentally learning the hard way how to make something explosive. She quickly packed up her supplies, and set out for the academy.

Approaching the academy Minerva was a mess of emotions. Her life up till now has been mostly secluded surrounded by nature. The hustle and bustle of the academy was causing her to rethink if this was the right thing for her. Shaking her head and taking a few deep breaths she managed to make her way inside the building. There was one more problem…she had no idea where anything was. She had to ask someone how to get anywhere in this giant place, but she was frozen. She closed her eyes trying to calm herself down when suddenly she felt pressure on her shoulder. She jumped and looked up to see a worried Unidrak looking down at her.

The Unidrak smiled at Minerva “Hi, my name is Serena. I am so sorry for startling you, but you looked like you might need some help.”

Minerva was indeed startled, but knew that she had to get herself together. “My name is Minerva….I need help finding the alchemy classroom.”

Serena looked quite happy. “Oh that is exactly where I am going. I can show you the way if you want to follow me.”

Minerva nodded and they began heading to the classroom. The smell of herbs was so strong it filled the entire corridor leading to the classroom. Crossing into the room it was a beautiful sight of herbs of all kinds hanging, bottles with an array of differently colored liquids, stations with elaborate coiling equipment, and in the front of the room a quite grumpy looking Unidrak. His focus was on a book, so it seems the two managed to make it before the lesson began. They looked at each other and exchanged a sigh of relief.

Serena looked to Minerva “If you want to we can partner up. This is actually my first time attending classes here. I just took some time to learn the lay of the land before classes started. I am not the greatest with the alchemical arts, so it would be nice to have someone to help understand things.”

Minerva looked surprised “That would be nice actually. I have not had any training myself, so I can’t guarantee I won’t mess up a ton.” Minerva had not even realized she was talking normally with Serena. Her stress from earlier had melted away.

The two made their way to one of the stations. Looking over the table it had an assortment of herbs, some potion bottles, a scale, a pestle and mortar, a small cauldron, and a set of coiled glassware. Neither of them seemed to want to touch anything for fear of breaking things. Before long the teacher closed his book, and stood up.

He cleared his throat to alert the class to quiet down. “Welcome to the Alchemy Novice course. I am your instructor Liam. We will begin with the most basic of lessons. I would appreciate not having to clean up another day one mess explosion, so do not mess with any equipment unless you are cleared to. Do I make myself clear?”

The entire class replied in a unified “YES SIR.”

My first attempt at a written prompt entry ^^;
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