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wonderwoman redesign

just messing around :superman:
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window09's avatar
nice work. I like the bare midriff look.
WeaponTheory's avatar
Can you explain this costume design? I never seen it before.
ErikVonLehmann's avatar
oh I just made it up :D
WeaponTheory's avatar
I kind of like the pants.
ORcaMAn001's avatar
Very Very Nice Messing around :icongrin--plz:
TheAtomicDog's avatar
Well, hot shit!
A straight-up character sheet of this design would be most appreciated.
Vornell's avatar
HAHAHA droool! eyes gauging out. Nice
never been a fan of pants for WW, but i loved your redesign... very good one
scificat's avatar
Pretty awesome redesign for WW.
rkainne's avatar
super sharp work. fantastic render and concept... take care-- raze
LJism's avatar
One of the best WW i've seen yet! thanx for sharing!
thesavagekyle's avatar
i honestly really dig this redesign
shadow-of-insanity's avatar
great perspective!
also, nice to see her wearing trousers for once.
FlameDeLeon's avatar
Flipping. Awesome. <3
YyanaOni's avatar
It's much better then the actual redesign, in fact I wish they'd use yours!
JohnyBlazzze's avatar
i would like to see this costume on the comics pages!
flailingXmartian's avatar
you hear that? that's the sound of my jaw dropping.
J-Jammer's avatar
I feel as if she's dominating me.

Anyway, aside from that feeling...this is cool. Great coloring. I think her costume is interesting good.
orabich's avatar
great work!


:groups: [link]
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