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commission for [link]
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the colors are amazing
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Perfect! Take away his visor and he looks human! When his eyebrows are covered up, he looks like an unfeeling know-it-all douche. 
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Oh seriously epic stuff on the boy scout. Keep up the excellent work, Perhaps its time to bring out my wallet lol
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this is amazing.. and you are amazing man :)
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thats a very cool pic of Cyke
OrochiBloodRiot's avatar
very impressive //w^
I love this version of him, his hair is all spikey
Bunnet's avatar
Your art work for him resembles Fist of the North Star and that my friend is great become I happen to love both series Fist of the North Star and X-Men
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Great Cyke! I love it!
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"Dreams don't die!"
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So awesome. Cyclops is the best male X-Men character
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Wow! Cyke is one of my favorite x-men, great job! O.o
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"I'm Cyclops, get down!%Pr
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That's the first time I've ever seen Scott as sexy... Damn you're good.
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The older, wiser Summers brother ;) Awesome!
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looks wild, it reminds me of children of the atom. It's been along time since I've seen him in that costume.
very nice! i love how you did the eyes. and the shading and highlights are incredible
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paint a nathan summer (cable) the son of the cyclops
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