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The Incredible Hulk

Finally something new. Other than The Count of Monte Cristo pic, I haven't drawn anything new in months super artist block arrrgghh...................Hulk Smash!

Inspired by the new Hulk movie that actually looks

*edit, press download for huge wallpaper. :) *
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Thepenguinrapist's avatar
This looks like a teenage Hulk!
CritterVanGogh's avatar
If there was an anime for the Hulk, this would be him. This is a really good drawing!
rezadroidjr's avatar
great job dude.. like this style of hulk...
tiger4141's avatar
the incredible "teenage" HULK XD
Dalek1965's avatar
Reminds me of the old TV show.
Silverwingfox's avatar
the incredible bishonen!
b3rt85's avatar
This is awesome! I wonder what inspired you. I was getting tired of seeing an over muscled guy. This is a refreshing change.
halloween101's avatar
Oh sorry, "sequel". I know I write a little fast. My bad.
KuroInuSama69's avatar
You really did your thing on this one. even though he is slimmer he still looks bad ass.
halloween101's avatar
The new movie with Edward Norton will be so much better than the other one, and thats all it matters. :)
shockrock's avatar
i think i should be the first to say he's supposed to look beefy and frankenstieny
NaGaSaNe's avatar
ur great man! i hope hulk will evolve into a human-like size like ur version, hehehehe! ur ool, man! c",)
ErikVonLehmann's avatar
stage18writer's avatar
He's perfect. He's not bulky, but slim and slender. If they imagined a version of the hulk that was in his early 20's and looked like he came off of MTV, then that is how he would look. In a good way, LOL.
ErikVonLehmann's avatar
hhmmm MTV?! lol thanks :)
jade-the-G's avatar
I like the way you drew the hulk. it makes me think he would have been on x-men evolution
jade-the-G's avatar
kay. it could be a movie poster too.
Tokogawa's avatar
Lovin' it. Your anatomy is great, i can also see the pure rage in his eyes as he prepares to attack .
Tokogawa's avatar
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