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The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern :)

I was listening to "Fire In The Sky" by Yngwie Malmsteen

when drawing this :headbang:
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Quite Art-full. I am campaigning for key actors to be in The GL movies so please spread the word. The photo is on my site. To All GL-Fans help spread the word. (I will be online until 3 to discuss how me and my friends picked these two actors).
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Man,i just love your style.:woohoo:
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This is very manly awesome and cool.

Keep at this dewd.

And thank you for your submission to "In The Panels".

:iconinthepanels: :iconinthepanels: :iconinthepanels:

If possible, please consider joining.
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Green lantern is a hottie. I was listening to "Fire In The Sky" by Yngwie Malmsteen that's going back a couple of years.
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YES! the first time I ever saw the green lantern was in that Justice League show, where he was black and angry all the time. I've never been able to get that version of him out of my head. It still kind of throws me off when I see a light-skinned green lantern
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Same here. The first time I saw Hal Jordan I immediately thought, who the hell is this white guy? Lol.
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This is rockin'. Gr8 job, bra!
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Great job. I emailed you. I'm, do you have other artwork in the same style?
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COOOOLLLL imma go see the movie! i <3 this pic yo!
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great drawing, and musical choice!
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IS that John?Either way extremley epic
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i like. i like a LOT. :3
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One of the few pictures I've seen of the African Black Lantern. :) I always thought he was, but I see alot of caucasion ones, too. Are there different ones? :?

It looks very good! Brings back childhood memories.
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I ment GREEN Lantern >_<
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That's super dope! I know, who says dope anymore....I DO!
Nice work!!
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awesome, must have taken lots of time .. but it was all worth it though ;)
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Awesome, I love it, good job
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