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just found out as I posted that Frank Frazetta has passed at 82.

Such a great artist.

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I would like to use this art in my book.
Would this be possible ?
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Your Zeus and Poseidon look too much a like.
Nice pic of the sea god, Great Job!
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Your art is amazing!
He looks terrific :thumbsup:
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WOW! Very cool! I'm thinking of posting here an old story of mine about Poseidon. Mind if I use this picture? I promise, if I get your permission, I'll give you the credit you're due...
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OH! Well that was unexpected.

I thought I'd have to continuing to scour the internet for a suitable pic (cause people tend to be VERY protective over creative property nowadays), but since you've agreed, you've saved me a TON of searching.

I've already been at it a while now, so to have found such an amazing pic (freakishly close to my description of him) is just wonderful. Thanks a million!

Hope you'll stop by some time and read the story, too!

*Yay, woop wop, happeh danse!!!*
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Um...BTW, I've been here a while, but only just started submitting. Is it possible to submit a pic and a story in the same submission???
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Epic Job......He looks powerful :o
Just flat out Awesome!!!
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This look like you put a lot of work into this with the bubbles and the fishes. He live a long and successful life, he was one of my most favorite fantasy artist, along with Boris.
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Aw, that sucks. Great pic- love the fish!
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I love the Trident. It's awesome weapon to have. Makes anyone look powerful. Good job.
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! por las barbas de neptuno! esta muy chingon

aunque parece de la sirenita por fondo pero me parece muy bueno
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Always loved Poseidon and this one is
great, love the look in his eyes.

RIP Frank, we'll miss you :D
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Nice!!! Throw that spear thingy.
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As always, i so much love your paintings...
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Mighty personal favorite amongst the Greek gods of Olympus.
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