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Human Torch 2

The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.
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Looks like a Super Saiyan.
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Cool... and hot.
EVOUniverse's avatar
By now you know I've favorited a TON of your work, because it's THAT GOOD...seriously if you haven't done it already I encourage you to submit your work to either of the big two or SOMEBODY, it's that good and something I put money on that a LOT of people would love to see. Hell if I had the money I would hire you for MY book, keep it up man.
alfalfal's avatar
enough lame puns(ok only one pun)
This is awesome!
Cory-West's avatar
Really sick dude. I work on all the marvel characters right now. Heroes and the villains.
Rin-Amami's avatar
Supper! Nice job!
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Awesome one of Jonny here
PurpleAlienFlower's avatar
wow, amazing work. No wonder it's the most popular image when browsing for "human torch" on deviantArt with the "sort by popularity" function...

I had to fave it, sorry. I just stumbled upon this article at the official marvel website here: [link]
They let Johnny die. I still cannot believe it.

May I embed your deviation in my blog article about that "omg, the human torch is dead!"-thing? I would only embed it via the "share"- function on the right side of the deviation's page, what means DeviantArt will automaticly display the owner and the title of the image (it's NOT a repost/re-upload or anything like this, it's only the usage of the 'embed'-code listet here, so it's kinda more like hotlinking!)
babymonkey4lyfe's avatar
I LOVE IT O_O freaking awesome job
I love this! The way he's overlapping the borders on the side is awesome! :)
layadr's avatar
Thats Amazing!:omfg:
Sa66's avatar
Oh man! Its awesome
Josemx1988's avatar
lol, I'm happy i don't have Jhonnys credit!

great job!
mikhaAfreeman's avatar
:wow:few people can really capture the humantorch, you have!!!

kickazzkudoos to you my brotha
SynapticBoomstick's avatar
I like the pose he has in this version, more dynamic. Sweet.
TwinEdge's avatar
bro,i like your art...great imagination.....with exception of the rim around the gloves it looks great.....
ErikVonLehmann's avatar
thanks, I don't know what I was thinking with the rim thing on the gloves , doh!
splendidriver's avatar
Wonderful except the gloves :D
orangejam88's avatar
LoL-- so says Mr. Burgundy.
FlameAlchemistRoy's avatar
I'd give anyone who can burst into flames at will a bank-loan.

Or anything else the pretty much wanted........
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