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Nice but he would be much better in another little brighter place
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Dude awesome painting!
TitanBeast's avatar
This is really cool!!! He is my favorite Greek God! Im a geek for Greek mythology :XD:
I line Pan, Ares, Persephone and Poseidon too :D
Finally an epic Hades.
Easily the best Hades I've ever seen
thever's avatar
nice arts.....
persefone74's avatar
wow! my favourite god!!!
zero62zero's avatar
this looks fantastic
BloodValkyrie's avatar
Testosterone is so freaking awesome!
The undoubtedly, unquestionably, undeniably MOST BADASS Hades in all of the world. I love this so much I'd tap it, and I'm a straight dude o_O
Treskies's avatar
best hades i've ever seen! TOO BEAST! 3:)
Emoncher's avatar
great Hades, I really like the skulls in the background
jade-the-G's avatar
......I'm too stunned to comment
jerica128's avatar
Fantastic and may I say smexy :love:

I absolutely love the design of his crown/helmet
RedWingsDragon's avatar
deaddevil's avatar
Thats the way hades should be! AmaziN
and abt you other deviation i thought u more strong towards guys but i love the girl concept as well :)
Shiko-Jaie's avatar
Beyond awesome! He's my favorite~ Gotta love the sore losers lol xDD I like the skulls in the background, gives it a nice touch~

Great job once again!
J-Jammer's avatar
I love the use of red. I like what he's wearing on his head...Crown? It's awesome looking.
Ken-shiro's avatar
You should make one with him and Zeus. It'd be Awesome and BEAST!!
Ken-shiro's avatar
That guy will destroy you.
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