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Fist of the North Star- colors

Listen asswipe I need some information, tell me what I wanna know and I'll save your miserable life. Now tell me where's the man with the 7 wounds the one they call The Fist of the North Star?!!!

colors ;)
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By the time you see this picture, you are already dead.

(NANI?! HIDEBU-splooch #YourHeadASplode)
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Great show and great artwork! :)
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I never really go for post-apocalyptic anime but this one sure was good.
Thank you for this good representation of what is my view are the best male characters in the series.
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Awesome picture mate :)
You appear to have the correct balance of 'ATTATATATATA' and 'You Are Already Dead' which is usually a very tricky thing to draw XD. Still, great pic.
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wheres lord jagi pictures ?
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I love this show! Excellent job on this picture. I never understood why Raoh's hair was black in anime and later changed to white.
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Looks good, I wish I could draw like that :D
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Like I said, artistic range is incredible. Love the decidedly angular manga style.
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You mean, "Where's the man with the 7 scars on his chest, the heir to Hokuto Shinken?!"

Which one? The one who wears a mask and carries a sawed-off double barreled shogun or the one who wears a desert cloak and carries the weight of sorrow?

Seriously, though, that looks EPIC! I also love how you colored Raoh's hair white instead of black like the anime... That always bothered me in the anime...
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Amazing, this is the most epic post-apocalyptic manga I have read.
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Looks brilliant to be honest, how long have you sit on this one?
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I drew this a few years ago, I think it took me 4 or 5 hours :)
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Ah cool, can you colouring an art for me as well?
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Kenshiro, Raoh and Toki: the most powerful fighters of the anime. Saiyan nor are able to overcome them.
"I have pressed the secret points on your fingers.
In three seconds you will favorite me... or your head will explode"
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