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EVL-Phoenix Jean Grey

evl-Phoenix Jean Grey :pissedoff:

*updated* press download for super hi-res version

also soon I will add my "V" pic to the hi-res list as well :)
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I absolutely LOVE this Pic of Jean!!! she looks so bad ass Phoenix Forever XD
artMAKERportrait's avatar
this is stunning, i love it
sdmx971's avatar
I make your color !! :D nice girl
Polaris-Cat's avatar
GORGEOUS!! absolutly stunning i love it! great job
Perefim's avatar
Dear Fevereon,

I would like to fav your piece here for its profound and amazing use of Grey! We hope you will support the "Army of Grey" by allowing your amazing piece to be featured in our group and possibly even joining!


Great illustration you have created, keep it up!


Avalon-23's avatar
I just love the eyes !
I'm so feeling dis pic. SICKNESS!!!!
Yuujiin's avatar
Very impressive piece of work here, her eyes and lips are really well drawn :thumbsup:
Wolverine51's avatar
Wow! She looks excellent!
mindsetteler's avatar
arabianpharoe's avatar
this is beautiful
SilvercatHowlett's avatar
Hiddenleafxx's avatar
this is AWESOME. jean grey is my favorite character!
diamondtelepath's avatar
"super hi res" -- no kidding! jean grey/phoenix is my favorite x-man (or comic bk character for that matter) and i just cant tell u how much i LOVE this photo! =D
NothingButDrawing's avatar
I love her look,its really fits her character just awesome
harDcoRe-GaGa-Love's avatar
SocietyInCrisis's avatar
o_O....Awesome ^_^
meow-mui's avatar
absolutely amazing.
JineruLockheart's avatar
this is beautiful.
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