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A matte painting collaboration done with my friend Gaétan Weltzer (~DesignSpartan) for Slashthree's 20th exhibition "War":…

The scene depicts a classic dystopia: riots in a city of a totalitarian regime, a concept inspired by various media. 
I really hope you like this image as we had a lot of fun working on this scene. We did the first brainstorming and sketches in May and send the psd file back and forth for more than 4 months, so we spent quite some time on this image alltogether. It was a great pleasure to work with Gaétan!

His version:

The base plate and other stock images are from, the model shown on the screens is `jademacalla.

Step by step:

Thanks for stopping by!
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Atomic Cock The alien walker things or the walking machines with tentacles in your piece completely makes me think of the movie Skyline. Great, great movie! This is a fantastic piece. 
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never seen that movie but sounds interesting! - I believe the image was inspired by stuff like War of the Worlds and Equilibrium.
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You know what, I was mistaken. The walking aliens I was thinking of were from War of Worlds, not Skyline!
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I see! It's been a while that I watched any of those movies. I should rewatch them at some point. 8-)
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Yes, I have not seen War of Worlds since soon after it came out. It’s been awhile. You made me want to watch it again so I think I just might tonight. 🙂
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Skyline is a decent movie. I love Equilibrium and War of Worlds always scared the heck out of me - which I also love lol. This piece definitely reminds me of War of Worlds now that you mention it. 
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Trump's America come 2020
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Breathtaking scene! You are so talented. :clap:
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thanks a lot for the nice compliment! It's not only me this time though :)
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this is great - would you allow me to use this in a blog?
Hello. i am neither an artist nor in a position to critique your wonderful work. I am a student of designing who would like to learn from this. I will be obliged if you share the psd for people like us. thank you :)
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thats happening right now and its not being fun 
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This is hella cool wow
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thanks a lot again! Glad you like it!
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You're mist welcome, Erik! And thanks for the Llama :hug:
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haha well, thank you! :)
Ohhh my god this incredible!
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