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October 19, 2020
The Hare in Death's Clothing by ErikShoemaker
Featured by Ellysiumn
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The Hare in Death's Clothing

The rabbit turns the tables on its hunter with the help of its protector spirit. Conveniently, the spirit takes the form of a skull-shaped death cloud which produces horrific howling sounds by condensing and displacing the surrounding air. 

Thanks to the stock providers:
Twist and Turn by photographyflowerPremium Wolf Stock: 2 by HOTNStockStock: The Skull 2 (Rabbit) by M-M-F |

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delaverano's avatar


How could I overlooked this picture!



ErikShoemaker's avatar

:D thank you for the nice compliment! Glad you like it!

spiraloso's avatar

This is one of my favourite :) Terrific work Erik!

ErikShoemaker's avatar

thank you mate, glad you like it!

InkkedNewt's avatar

This ain't it Cheif. I don't know what this is, but it ain't it. I'm not religious, but I'm calling Jesus and he's gonna deal with this.

On a secondary note, this is wicked. Like, holy guillotine, this is something new.

ErikShoemaker's avatar

hehe thanks for the comment, glad you like it!

DraakeT's avatar

I remember the demoniac rabbit. It was a cool character!

Contratulations on the DD King fella (Universe)

K4nK4n's avatar

This is gorgeous.Sylveon Attract Plz

ErikShoemaker's avatar

thank you so much :D

K4nK4n's avatar

You're welcoooome.

JamWisme's avatar

i really like your light and shadow work here, in combine with the decisions of setting the blur to focus on the scenery, very intense and satisfying to watch. a great surreal picture. The colors are very subtle, beautiful. The more I look to it the better it gets. I can learn so much from this work. It feels so mature and strong. I simply admire it.

ErikShoemaker's avatar

Thank you! Mature and strong is not what I expected to read here. :D I sometimes enjoy making supernatural scenes appear as photorealistic as possible. This is perhaps why it seems "mature". It doesn't have a lot of colorful effects. Thanks for the comment!

morion87's avatar

I knew rabbits were evil little fur balls. Just never thought it would get this bad :p

This is awesome by the way.

ErikShoemaker's avatar

hehe thanks a lot! Speaking of evil fur balls I should probably do something similar with a cat and a dog... :D

Andromatonrecursion's avatar

Wow congrats on your (insert DD number here) DD :D. Really well deserved :clap:

ErikShoemaker's avatar

haha I lost count as well. I think it would be 18 :blush: Thank you so much!!

Tinselfire's avatar

Question is how desperate the wolf is for a snack. Is he terrified at this sudden turn of events? Or just pleasantly surprised the hare seems to have more meat on him than first expected...

ErikShoemaker's avatar

Hehe personally I'd stay far away from that poison gas for sure.

But if only for the sake of dramaturgy I believe this one is particularly suicidal. :devil:

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