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Song of Storms



edit: new version:

A tribute to the best game ever: The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time

I: Song of Storms

II: Serenade of Water [link]

This is my entry for *freaky665's "Dreams and Fanatasies"-Contest [link]
and it's also my application piece for evokeone. Cross your fingers for me :peace:

technical details:
This matte painting consists of about 30 to 40 different stocks and a lot of painted elements. The work on the model was particularly difficult since I had to morph and manipulate a girl into a elb looking male who sits on a wild horse.

You can check thw 75%-detail-view to see all the painted bits which got lost with resizing.

from stock to art:

in general
psd-size: 300mb
image-size: 3000*2000 pixel
25 hours of work

storyline in short
Before time was time, three great goddesses decended upon the chaos that was and created the land of Hyrule; Din, goddess of power, Nayru, goddess of wisdom and Farore, the godess of courage. However, at the point where the Goddesses left their new creation, they each left behind a golden triangle which contained the essense of their power. This mighty artefact, called the Triforce, though able to grant extremely powerful magic to whoever touched it, was infinitely delicate: if one who did not hold all three aspects of the Triforce - power, wisdom and courage - within perfect balance, the Triforce would split into its three aspects and the person who first touched the Triforce would be left and only one force would remain in his hand: the force which he most believed in. The remaining two aspects would take refuge within the hearts and minds of two who best personified the remaining aspects of the Triforce.
Ganondorf, the Gerudo King wanted to gain full power over Hyrule and thus used his magic to communicate to the Great Deku Tree without entering the Lost Woods, and so avoiding the forest's magical air. Asking for the Spiritual Stone the Deku Tree posessed, in order to get the other fragments of the Triforce, the living tree sensed Ganondorf's evil intentions and refused. Ganondorf could easily solve that: using his magic, he placed a death-curse upon the Great Deku Tree which could only be removed by destroying the monsters which now lived underneath the tree.
The Great Deku Tree, now cursed to die before the sun set that day, would not give in so easily, he summoned the young fairy Navi, urging her to find and bring Link before him. When Link discovered that at last he had a guardian fairy, both himself and his friends were overjoyed. Link, armed with a sword and shield, entered the Deku Tree and destroyed the parasitic armoured arachnid there which was the source of the curse.

some credits:
Blue Dress Stock 3 by *chamberstock
Bunny stock by ~thiselectricheart
Castle in the fog 4 by ~Legends-Stock
Cloudy Sky by ~ShutterBugs-Stock
Dead Tree In Field Cows by ~Gracies-Stock
deio kamots stock nature123 by ~deio-kamots-stock
Devil s Tower 3 by =SalsolaStock
Dragon s Lair Nebula Stock by =Moonchilde-Stock
Emerald3 by =faestock
Emerald by =faestock
Eurasion Eagle Owl 2 by =SalsolaStock
Fantasy Tree 1 by ~mawstock
Forest Hut Stock by *MirandaRose-Stock
Green crinkly Texture by ~Ordinary-Stock
Horse Stock 11 by =RaeyenIrael-Stock
Landscape 01 by ~svend-stock
Landscape 7 by ~Visualjenna-Stock
Old Bones by ~bean-stock
Screaming tree by *LucieG-Stock
Sunstone72 Stock 231 by ~Sunstone72-Stock
Sword 2 by ~chaotickittie-stock
texture2 by ~SStocker
The Dark Knight Sword by ^FantasyStock
Viking stock 18 by *Tigg-stock
Wolf7 by ~RainaDayze
Birds 1 by ~achatinastock
Birds 2 by ~achatinastock
Leaves and blossoms PS brushes by ~The-Max-Factor
stormclouds pack3 3 by ~archetype-stock
14 05 2008 22 by *oswo

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I think the part that lets down the rest is the middle-ground. The grass there dosn't seem to blend in with the grass further back where all thos shrubs are. There's seems to be a "line" seperating one grass type from the other, as if part of the grass was mowed or laid down at a different time. But this is the wild in the past, not a front lawn of today <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)"/> so I think a more gradual and irregular transition between the two types of grass (which I assume were different stocks) is needed. The shrubs seem to be lit by a sun that's behind them (in front of the viewer) while the light source overall seems to be coming from the left, and the trees behind the main dead one even seem to be lit mostly from the right <img src="…" width="18" height="15" alt=":confused:" title="Confused"/> There are some things in that area though that fit the lighting scheme (one of the houses, the dead tree, and what looks like more characters in the back) <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>

The wolf I think needs more contrast to make it stand out more, I would assume it's shadowed area would be a bit darker and in this overcast weather, wouldn't have such a well-defined shdow but a soft-edged one the bird on the tree looks like it would be massive too, bigger than a person to appear that size at that distance (unless it is supposed to be huge, I didn't play much of the games <img src="…" width="17" height="19" alt=":shh:" title="Shh"/>)

The rest is great though, Link and his horse fit nicely and are lit as expected (maybe just give him a haircut <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)"/>) The landscape overall except what I said about the grass/plants is good, especially how along the edge of the hill there seems to be some direct sunlight showing through (hey, maybe even try that look on the significant areas closer up, even if its just highlighting the tops of the trees or something which would add some beautiful contrast against the dark sky <img src="…" width="15" height="32" alt=":idea:" title="Idea"/>)