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October 14, 2017
Shai-Hulud and the God Emperor by ErikShoemaker features an epic sense of scale
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by cosmicbound
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Shai-Hulud and the God Emperor



EDIT 10/14/17: WOW, I had always hoped for a DD on this, but didn't think I'd get it after all this time lol. Thanks so much to cosmicbound for suggesting and TsaoShin for featuring it!
Unfortunately I still haven't gotten around to fixing the 'thopters' and adjusting the worm design. Here's an alternate version that might please the die-hard Dune fans a bit more :)

God Emperor Leto II by ErikShoemaker

My tribute to the inspiring scifi saga 'Dune' created by Frank Herbert. This is a fictional setting not depicting any specific scene from the books. The foreground shows one of my favorite and for me most inspiring characters of the series, the God Emperor Leto II.

Creating the worm turned out to be a really challenging exercise. I went through so many stages, completely overhauling the worm's design several times with new textures and poses. My first idea was to use a caterpillar as a reference, which turned out to be horrible. I even considered a seashell in between. Can you guess the reference animals of the final version? It's a mix of three if you count the teeth as well. ;)

Stock credits:
model: vishstudio
Lunar Force by vishstudio
Grinmir-stock | FairieGoodMother | GloomWriter | darkrose42-stock | Parides | AJK-Original-Stock | naradjou14 | demontroll | 

Thanks a lot for stopping by! ;)

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