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Serenade of Water

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A tribute to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I: Song of Storms [link]
II: Serenade of Water

This is Princess Ruto from the Zoras.
My second entry for =freaky665's Dreams and Fantasies-Contest: [link]

I personally really like the smooth and soft look of this. It's mostly photomanipulated while her head is painted with reference from: [link]
Hope you like it. :)

Wallpapers on my Website! [link]

About the race of Zoras:
Just before the forbidden Lost Woods, there was Zora's Domain. It was from here that all the water in Hyrule began its journey along the perimeter of the country, proving nourishment to all life forms before coming to rest at Lake Hylia in the south-west. The guardians of this water were the Zora; part human and part fish, the Zora could spend only limited periods of time outside of water. The Zoras worshipped their guardian spirit, a large fish named Lord Jabu-Jabu, and held as their hidden treasure the Spiritual Stone of Water, or the Zora Sapphire.
The Zora threatened drought or impure water to all of Hyrule should any race dare oppose their wishes.

Water Photoshop Brushes by ~redheadstock
Crown Nebula Stock by =Moonchilde-Stock
Art Nudes C 23_by *mjranum-stock
© 2008 - 2021 ErikShoemaker
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GREAT really is hard to take my eyes off of it...really spectacular!
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thanks so much! It's an old one but I'm glad you like it still!
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My eyes can't get enough of this! Watching and watching again!!
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Glad you like it!! :D
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Woah! It's so pretty *A* 
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t-thats awkward........
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You are welcome!
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wow stunning!Shy Vivi Blush-Small 
someone save Ruto! Hurry Link hurry!
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Would like to disagree politely with your last sentence there.  The Zora are not friends to drought (Twilight Princess this happened) or impure water (Oracle of Ages) at all :)  But other than that, quite the unique take on Princess Ruto!  I dont think Ive ever seen a photrealistic take on this race before ^^  I always wondered what it was like for her to be frozen in the cave and how she got to be frozen in there before Sheik came to her rescue.
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Thank you for the comment and the compliment! Actually I just played the two N64 games myself, so I probably got that paragraph from Wikipedia. :shrug: The N64 games don't really tell a lot about the Zora lore.
Btw: Was this featured somewhere? I got a few comments on my zelda pieces all of a sudden. :)
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Oh I found this on Whats Hot awhile ago.  This was just one of the pictures that stood out to me as being well executed is all, which is why I took the time to comment ^^
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oh cool, it's so weird that it appeared on what's hot all of a sudden after 7 years :D thanks for letting me know! And thanks again for the kind words, really appreciated!
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