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This image was created for a competition on [link], where the objective was to turn the following concept art into a photorealistic matte painting: [link]

The contest was fun and very challenging. I worked a good 50 hours on my entry and there are still many things I'd like to change but I just can't work on it anymore and time until deadline has run out anyway.

You can also find a couple of wip pictures in this thread: [link]

I don't expect to win anything, but I learned a lot during the process and now I have a cool piece in my gallery. It will also be part of my 2013 calendar. :)

Hope you like it!

Visit my website:
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This is my first Critique. I see the reference to the film by Ridley Scott. This is way more captivating than that film. I love the dark but very light hearted blue that fills the picture. It brings a lot of consistency and unity to the picture. I love how the ships also have a sense of motion almost as they seem to be at the moment of going at light speed. The clouds are very wave like just as the waves of the ocean. This helps give the sense of the ocean but from above. This is a very inspiring piece and I can definitely see your science fiction influences. It's very simple but effective and I highly recommend this art piece.