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April 18, 2021
Inverted Forest by @ErikShoemaker
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Inverted Forest


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I recently watched "Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul" for the first time and I fell in love once more with the amazing story and lovable characters of the Made in Abyss world.
Made in Abyss is an adventure story about two kids descending down a deep and mysterious pit in search for the protagonist's mom, who got lost somewhere at the bottom of the pit. On their way down the two kids traverse several fantastic layers with all kinds of dangers and mysteries to uncover. The layer shown here is the "Inverted Forest", an area where updrafts are so strong that forests grow upside-down and even water flows upwards. This allows the trees to be used as platforms to jump across the landscape.

This is my second fanart of one of the layers depicted in the anime/manga following my previous matte painting "Goblet of Giants", which you can find here.
Goblet of Giants by ErikShoemaker

The image is also part of the newest Aurora release "Purple": A collaboration of digital artists who just like to have fun together by creating art.
You can find all image of the pack here:….

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You're really great with fanart and this turned out well. Not gonna lie, flipped my screen to get another perspective lmao.