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Improvement-meme 2018

Edit: Updated for the new year. :-)

I thought that now a sufficient amount of time had passed for a meme to be appropriate and this was kind of fun to make. :-) It was interesting and terrible at the same time to rediscover my old stuff from 2006 and 2007 which is not even on my harddrive anymore and neither in my deviantArt gallery, for the most part at least. I'm not sure the improvement is so obvious throughout the years, particularly in the latter part, but at least some minor steps should be noticeable hopefully. :-D

Thanks to Kamaniki for the template:

The art shown in the meme is (those that I still have on dA):

:bulletgreen: 2007:

:bulletgreen: 2008
Song of Storms
500 Years Later: Purgatory
Empire Falls

:bulletgreen: 2009
En Vogue
From a Perfect Fairy Tale
Mortal Inquisition
Black Summer Rain

:bulletgreen: 2010
Tale of the Hidden Orchid
Dexter and Lumen
Birth of a Solar System

:bulletgreen: 2011
Entering Limbo
The Forgotten Wardens
Ashen Gold

:bulletgreen: 2012
Solar Roofs
End of the Cycle

:bulletgreen: 2013
Xeno Terraforming
Journey to Shatter Island
Black Hole

:bulletgreen: 2014
Palace of the Mountain King
Nebula Up-Close
Winter is Coming
Azazel and his pets

:bulletgreen: 2015
II: Gaia
IV: Vessel
Shai-Hulud and the God Emperor
Aguara, the child thief

:bulletgreen: 2016-2017
Fire and Gold
God's Hourglass
The Moon and the Nightshade
The Eye and her Majesty
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talline-occrerou's avatar
Congratulations, I like this kind of post we can see your evolution, I can't wait to see more ^^
ErikShoemaker's avatar
Thanks a lot! I also find these very interesting and it was fun to make one for myself :)
anjien's avatar
Great work! :)
ekud's avatar
Still stoked that DC was a milestone for you :)

Big things coming on that front soon...
ErikShoemaker's avatar
for sure, everyone looked up to the DC crew at that time. It was a huge honor to be part of it! Looking forward to those "big things" man! :D
Cemf's avatar
Your work is awesome man, I would be happy if I could do what you did in '08 xD
ErikShoemaker's avatar
Haha I don't know man. I wouldn't have dreamed of producing something like Falls of Serenity back then. I still find this type of lighting hard to pull off lol. Thanks for the big compliment though!
Cemf's avatar
Haha, that's awesome <3 Thank you for your art and humbleness and happy new year!
ErikShoemaker's avatar
Happy new year to you too man!
LadyEvilArts's avatar
That's fantastic progress! But your older works are also very good =)
ErikShoemaker's avatar
thanks a lot for the compliment - depends on how far you go back :D I think I had a few cool ones in 2010, but I wouldn't go any earlier than that :D
KarenStraight's avatar
you´re welcome <3
JayGraphixx's avatar
Whoa! Exceptional progress over the years. After looking at it for awhile the meme looks like a gradient map. Your works get lighter and more colorful down the years, haha xD

I hope one day I can do this :D
ErikShoemaker's avatar
haha indeed, I didn't really that myself until someone else pointed out how my works became more and more colorful. I wonder if that reflects my life choices or whether it's just a design choice lol. I still love dark works just as much, but I'm struggling a lot to get the atmosphere right if I try to create one myself. 
Thanks for the comment man!
I guess you still need a couple of years to make your meme, but your progress so far is incredible! I wish I had this amazing improvement after only two years.
JayGraphixx's avatar
Maybe it's both choices xD

I hope we see some dark works, in your 12 for the year next year xD
Anytime and thanks for the compliment. :heart: 
Dani-Owergoor's avatar
So cool, nice to see the improvement, Erik! 
ErikShoemaker's avatar
AgnosticDragon's avatar
ErikShoemaker's avatar
thanks, I appreciate it! :D
Renata-s-art's avatar
You have improved so much over the years!:clap:
ErikShoemaker's avatar
Thanks! It's been a long time too.. more than 12 years already 😮
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