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Human's Bequest

Surviving Races are condemned to suffer from human's deeds. Nuclear explosions cause unnatural mutations.

I made this for SlashTHREE's new art-release "The 30th Century", and it was chosen as featured submission. =] Check out the pack here: [link]

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Thanks for the visit! :)

This is my entry for the Dark Creatures contest by =darkclub

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This is no stock image, so don't use, copy or manipulate the original artwork without my written permission.
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I really enjor how you portrayed this future. Its dark and mesmerising. The mutations are really original, and add a lot of depth to the piece. It gives you the feeling that the future is ruled by animals, yet there are lasting affects from humans and their hopeless trials. It really shows you that in the end the warring did not help any side, and hurt all. Not only deos give you that mysterious intriging look of the future but it also gives you a kind of ghostly feeling. The lighting draws your eyes to the horse and the exlosion in the background, and the grave cross shows you that humans are gone.
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Thank you for your critique! The meaning I initially intended here was slightly different, but of course everyone is free to make one's own interpretation. :) Glad you like it!
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Different interpretations is what makes art so amazing.
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I'm not kidding when I say this is one of the most perfect images I've ever seen.
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thanks a lot for the great compliment!
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Klasse, Herr Schuhmaiker. ;)
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Fascinating! Is this part of a series?

Just checked out the link:

"The slashTHREE collective visualised what they thought the future would look like in its eighth exhibition, 30th Century. The theme gave the artists an opportunity to use their imaginations, and they did this on a massive scale, not only showing what the world might look like a thousand years from now, but the degree of change they foresaw in those thousand years. A myriad of styles were used to accomplish the task at hand for this exhibition, but none did it better than Polish mastermind Jedrzej Spychala, who churned out six unbelievably stunning, thought-provoking submissions that provided an amazing look into his idea of the future."
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hey! It's not exactly part of a series, but it is part of a themed online exhibition published by the slashthree collective. These online exhibitions all deal with a certain theme and are released every three to four months. By visiting the linked website you can check out other images created for this "future"-theme or any other recently published exhibitions.

Thanks for the comment btw! :)
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Very nice pic, if a little creepy!

Quick question, how did you make different resolutions downloadable as a RAR?
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you probably know it already, but on the page where you upload your image, you just pick the rar file instead and then dA will ask you to upload a preview for your rar-file. That's all about it :)
Thanks btw!
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Oic! Thanks bro!
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A little scary to me. ; w; But cool to look at.
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:D I like images with dark atmosphere. 8-)
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Ich mags, auch wenn die Textur am Bauch ein wenig zu stark ist :P
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This is absolutely amazing. LOVE THIS!
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thank you! Glad you like it :D
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