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Hail of Bullets

Another space apocalypse. I am a dummy! A poor planet shattered by a comet shower, or maybe some extraterrestrial force?
Made in Blender+Photoshop. Hope you like it!

More space stuff from my gallery:
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When Shaggy has eaten to much beans:

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Profound detailing! I'm in love with this piece. <3

Missed so many of your works o_O
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Thank you and no problem, I don't expect everyone to see each and every artwork in my gallery. :D Glad you like it!
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Looks great man :D :D 
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thanks again man, I'm honored you like it!
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It is my earnest hope that when we finally destroy the ecosystem, the apocalypse should look something like this.
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Can I feature on ?

Of course your name and link to your work will be mentioned.

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Hi, you may post my wallpaper under those conditions. Please include the license as well if you can. Thanks for asking first!
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Wonderful work Erik :clap:
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Thanks a lot mate!
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Very effective use of complimentary colors. Well done.
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Thanks a lot, I'm glad you noticed ;)
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:wow: This is ultra cool! the comet shower is a cool idea! + full hd 1080...the best! Im completing a sci-fi work in 1920x1080 because i love this topic. the shattered effect is very realistic and indeed this could be easily the scene of  some videogame
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Thanks a lot mate! 3D was really useful in this work. :D I probably couldn't have painted it that well from scratch. Thanks to the 3D base the work in PS was quite simple as you can see in the animation:…
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Great steps!
3d help, i know how it is important...but if you know how use it :D and indeed here is used very good
Of course this also reminds  the final effect when in star wars the Death Star destroy some planet.....and indeed you could develop this concept to create something of similar....PErsonally i don't know works where there is an huge battle ship destroying a planet...and around DA is full of images ready or complete or ready to be modified as we want..........and you could fix this lack easily thanks the concept of this work!
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Wonderful work :wow: great light :clap:
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I've been so inactive, I don't know how I've missed this! I've always wanted to do something like this. Love how you combined the blue and orange in it. :D
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