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Fire and Gold

I recommend listening to this song which was my 24-hour rotation during the creation of the picture :stare:…
Perhaps I'll make a series out of it one day - for now, I'm happy I finally 'finished' this beast. I hope you like it! :)

Here's a process animation:
Steps of Fire and Gold by ErikShoemaker

Thanks a lot to:
male stock by vishstudio by vishstudio
Sunrise_05_wolfworx_Imk77328 by wolfworxDragon Guard Sword - Hilt 1 by okbrightstar-stock | 4 more old indian arrows by Archangelical-StockExplosion 3 by Gamekiller48Injured Hand Stock1 and Wound Stock by AlysAlone | Ornaments purchased from | fire textures from | snakes:…
+ some tiny part rendered in Daz3D (can you guess?)

© Erik Schumacher
This is no stock image, so don't use, copy or manipulate the original artwork without my written permission. 
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This is truly awe-inspiring art on an epic scale. Art worthy of the songs of legends. I found your breathtaking art featured here:

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Thanks so much for the nice compliment! And thanks for letting me know where you found it! It's always nice to see where the traffic is coming from :)

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You are very welcome, Erik! I agree!

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would love to see a polished piece of that, due to the critic from tatuas, but overall i love the passion and dtailwor in that comp. The colors are cool.

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I had to look up his critique again because I couldn't remember it - yes they brought up a few really good points indeed, particularly with respect to the fire and the sword which I didn't see back then. To be honest I don't think I'll touch this work anytime soon unless it's starts to really bother me. It often takes several hours to update an old piece so I'd rather use the time to create something entirely new. Every once in a while I do like to pick an old work for a complete overhaul. I don't think it's that time for this one yet though.

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This edit is amazing ! Very inspiring when you watch the process

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thanks so much! Glad to hear it!

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Hi Erik, since you ask critical to your work I decided to add mine (though not usually do this review as technical as you do); so let's get to it:
1º- first of all let me say that I fully understand how complex it can be any photomanipulation by simple it may seem. I also wish to thank you uploaded the work process, as this facilitates understanding and analysis of the steps you followed to do the work.
2º- the work is more like a digital illustration to a photograph. This in due to the high intensity of the colors in general and high contrast. This has nothing wrong, but personally I prefer a photofinishing for photomanipulation. In this case the overall balance between photography and illustration is quite achieved, but can be improved with minor tweaks.
3º- of the two flames back of the character, which is more to the fund should be more blur (only a little more than blur the flames of the sword), would be better. The deepest parts must follow a blur order regarding the nearest parts that are more focused.
4º- flames head should illuminate equally both shoulders of the character; or at least add some more light to his left shoulder with an orange glow, and also to the top of his right ear.
5º- the left hand (holding the sword) clearly shows that is taken from a character in 3d modeling. You should soften a little the contours of the hand (like the contour of the face looks), would be better.
6º- the tone and color of the forearm holding the sword are good; but the shadows (the outer parts of the forearm and hand) are too dark (the black color). These parties would have to be just darker than the darkest parts of the right arm (change the black by a dark brown, forearm and fist), it would look better.
7º- eventhough the tone and color of the forearm holding the sword well, misses some veins to give more shape and volume, as it looks a little flat. You can add a layer with another forearm veins and try some 'blending option' layer with Photoshop; would be better.
8º- luckily not ask opinion in a forum swords, because fans forged swords that handle would be a sacrilege! The handle with respect to the blade of the sword is bent downward; and also the counterweight of the sword (the bulk motif end of the handle) does not match the correct position of the hawks (the 'blades' emerging from the sides of the sword).
Surely the 3d model that sword you have chosen is wrong done (unless you've manipulated you); in any case this is not good. I have let you chose the first sword: both the sword and the position of the hand and arm rest shadow had better left to the eye (hence the importance of raising the process for analysis).

There are some small things that could add in my review, but are imperceptible to the naked eye and I said the highlight.
I repeat! I fully understand how complex it can be photomanipulation for many technical reasons (lights, shadows, shades, colors, layers, filters, effects, etc ...), and Photoshop is a very powerful tool with great potential, but also that take into account the laws of physics (general and focused lighting, light reflections, etc ...) and other laws to "create" or retouch images, and they are well balanced conjugate.

I spite of all this, I think you've done a good job (I like!), And the whole is pretty well finished: congratulations, good job!
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Amazing! Thank you so much for this in-depth critique, which is exactly what I was looking for! Staring at the picture for too long left me blind to some flaws. And you seem to have a very good eye noticing all of these little details that make a lot of sense to me now. :D 
Thanks again for taking the time, I really appreciate it!
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You're welcome! It is normal for us to escape some details; We are eager to see our finished works and show them to the world. But the rush are bad counselors: the great self-taught master DaVinci took about 20 years to complete the MonaLisa. Yes, I have a good eye (you can be sure!); for a self-taught creator with expertise in various disciplines and sciences as I am is easier to see those little mistakes. Create traditional art for many years without using any model and accumulate all this knowledge are the best help to have that good eye.
Listen, I'll give you good advice that I have learned over time for a good artistic photomanipulation:
1- build the puzzle with different pieces of photomanipulation (ok, that's easy).
2- Make sure the lighting of all the pieces are as similar as possible (create highlights or shadows own is very complex and difficult; to make them, must be a good painter and / or have other good knowledge).
3- when you're sure the final set is what finally want to do, be sure that the whole is balanced and harmonious sight. Then equalizes the tones and colors of all the parts; and only after this, you can start applying shadows and / or highlights (if needed, of course).
4- perhaps most important (what I was telling you the details): when you think you've finished your work, rest your eyes and your work for 1 or 2 days (or as long as you feel is necessary: ​​remember, Da Vinci took 20 years to finish a masterpiece); after that time, again look at your work as a whole to ensure that it is balanced and harmonious. And only after that, looking with magnifying small imperfections that may be in each and every one of the parties to retouch them very carefully (the smallest detail out of place or bad finish can spoil all the work).

And ready ... okay, okay! the truth is that it is far more complex than this and I've left some things from the whole process (highlights and shadows with filters, various effects, layer properties, etc ...); but you already have a good handling of Photoshop, and are things you have to perfect your only to strengthen your own artistic style.

And if you want me to do another review of one of your work, send me the link of your formal request for criticism in DA.
A greeting!

P.S: to see some examples of this visit my gallery / eroticmetamorphosis folder; or look at my photomanipulation folder.
I'm certain I've seen this picture on a Magic card.  It might have been some sort of unauthorized mashup rather than an actually published card, but I could have sworn otherwise.
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I wouldn't be surprised if anyone used this on some kind of fantasy card game. Not that I allow it but my art is stolen quite regularly and it's happened before with card games.
"Magic" is such a big name though, I hope they are not so careless...
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This is so BAD ASS!
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Haha thanks a lot!
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this is so amazing Clap Clap Heart 
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Thank you! Happy 2018!
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