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June 7, 2008
Think of romance, oriental blossom, passion and feelings, Empire Falls by =kire1987 has it all. Not only is it a stunning artwork, but this beautiful wallpaper really transforms the mood of your desktop
Featured by archanN
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Empire Falls

Improved the lighting and reflection on the water a bit. I know the lighting on the planet is still off but it just didn't look as good as in the old version that's why I didn't change it.
prints now available

Empire Falls
- the lull before the storm -

dedicated to:

available sizes:
1600*1200 | 1280*1024 | 1024*768

105 clouds by ~Chinese-stock
165 by ~Chinese-stock
591 by ~EmsemStock
Asiatic style 2 by *flowerpowerstock
Himeji Castle by ~SephirothXer0-Stock
Boat Stock 2 by =little-stock
Pagoda Stock 3 by =little-stock
River Stock 1 by =little-stock


I give permission to all the clubs listed in my journal to upload this in their gallery.
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L-a-g-g-y's avatar
Beautiful. If u don't mind me asking how long have you been doing photomanipulation? ...And how do you make such a good quality on all your pics? :)
ErikShoemaker's avatar
good quality is very subjective probably :)
I've been doing manips since about 2006 I think.
Thanks for your comment!
Deathsim's avatar
Very inspiring
iluvstix44's avatar
Oh man. I start studying Film and Television Production in September and let me tell you: as soon as I make a Sci-Fi film, you're definitely going to hear from me again for some concept art or something :nod: :lol:
ErikShoemaker's avatar
hehe good luck with your studies, sounds awesome! And thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it :)
iluvstix44's avatar
Haha, thanks a lot and you're welcome! :hug:
ThatOneNiko's avatar
I would sooo buy a print!....Maybe with my next paycheck! :heart:
ErikShoemaker's avatar
thank you so much for the nice comment, I really appreciate that you like it so much as to even consider buying a print of it :)
galacticfan's avatar
Every time I visit your gallery, I revisit this piece, it is truly beautiful!
ErikShoemaker's avatar
thank you, that's very nice to hear. :D Glad you like this piece, even though it's really old already.
Electron-x's avatar
Fits perfect with the Windows XP Zune theme.
ErikShoemaker's avatar
:bow: glad you like it!
Zanarky's avatar
Stunning scene! So beautiful. Well done!
ErikShoemaker's avatar
thank you very much!
pariah87's avatar
great work :nod:
thanks for sharing
ErikShoemaker's avatar
thanks a lot, glad you like it :peace:
pariah87's avatar
hamesha's avatar
Ah,i recognize this...fro,m a You Tube video [link]

Amazing job!And congrats on the DD :D
ErikShoemaker's avatar
lol interesting, because I don't remember they contacted me about it.. well at least they gave credit and the comments say everyone liked my picture. that's great lol. :D
Thanks a lot!
hamesha's avatar
Well,as you said,at least they gave credit,This way everyone wins :D
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