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Phew! I started working on this image more than a year ago, and now I can say I finally "finished" it (if you can ever call something finished). It's part of the newest exhibition "organics" by The Luminarium, to be found here:….
The idea is about the tree giving life to this beautiful lagoon by draining the life of unknowing pilgrims (for some reason they are all women :XD:), hence human-synthesis instead of photo-synthesis, or to say it in more cool-sounding half-greek "anthroposynthesis". 8-)
Thanks Litavismindartist for the written translation:
Ανθρωποσύνθεση! :D

I actually took a lot of time to carefully blend the entire lagoon properly, and eventually a blurred everything beyond recognition. :faint: In the end I think it is better this way though. Hope you like it, and thanks for stopping by!

Thanks a lot to the stock providers:

Models: NastiaOsipovaStock16 | mjranum-stockArt Nudes - C 5 - Various - 13 - Various - 16 - Various - 19 - Dark Tree - 6 | faestockIsabelle33 - Isabelle14 | lindowyn-stockOphelia - Stranded
Lagoon: chasmdeepwaterfall 30 - waterfall 58 - waterfall 36 - waterfall 29 - waterfall 25 - waterfall 31 - waterfall 62 - waterfall 37 - waterfall 34 | JsheiWater Texture | margarita-morrigantree | ManicHysteriaStockGreen Foliage Cut Out 4 | PaulineMossTree Roots
smoke and bokeh textures from
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it feels like a magical place and looks very stunning

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thank you! Yeah, I tried to make it as dreamy/magial as possible :nod:
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Oh wow! This is beautiful! 

Your art is just stunning! These kind of pictures are the reason why I started doing photomanipulations myself.  You can see how much heart and effor you have put in it.
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This is such a huge compliment, thanks so much for your beautiful comment! :) I'm really glad you like it that much.
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Wow all of your pieces are incredibly imaginative and gorgeous! I love the effect of the light filtering through the trees and the luminous figures.
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Thank you so much! I was working on the lighting a lot until it finally looked that way. I'm glad you like the result!
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Oh my goodness this is haunting, yet breath-takingly beautiful!! Would you mind if I used part of the image as a cover for my creative writing story and credited you?
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thank you! If it's noncommercial that would be fine with me I guess. 
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nope, not commercial whatseover :)
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nope, not commercial whatsoever :)
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what did you use to make this?
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I used a lot of photos of waterfalls an some kind of oasis, unfortunately it's all removed from DA now. Some of the photos are still linked in the description.
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well done, beautiful
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I read the description but before that. I thought this a as living moving tree moving away before its place collapses onto the lagoon underneath 
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Looks Tough as hell hope you enjoyed drawing it :D
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Wow! Amazing vision to go with a cool idea.
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Elegant wizard
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Love absolutely everything about it!Good Luck 
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Wonderful story with beautiful colours Heart   
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