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Tired of screaming over the noise of bullshit posted here.
Tired of the uninspired photography passed off by people calling themselves "professional" simply because they have an expensive camera.
Tired of the cellphone-selfies.
Tired of the _scraps_ posted in public categories.
Tired of copypasta.
Tired of screencaps.
Tired of cosplay.
Tired of the cancer.
With the exception of a few select amazing individuals, you disappoint me.
I might or I might not post art here again.  Convince me, DeviantArt.

WTF, DeviantArt?

Mon Jan 26, 2009, 5:13 PM
I've been on deviantart longer than 90% of the current member base, have posted more photography than 90% of the "photographers" here, and actually submit on a consistent basis, yet I still only have 7000 page views.

I'm not excited anymore, but I'm going to keep posting what I believe is good photography.

I miss the old deviantart, like when it wasn't saturated with meaningless sketches put into a public category rather than scraps, myspace "bathroom mirror portraits", countless flowers, household pets, and random crap people post just so they can share stuff with their buddies.

I miss the old deviantart, like when you could post a street or portraits/miscellaneous photo and see your art on the photography -> street or photography -> portraits -> miscellaneous page for an hour, and you'd actually get deviation views sporadically for a few days instead of only the first 30 minutes after you actually post.

I miss the old deviantart, like when you could actually hope for a daily deviation, because you were one of a few thousand artists on the site.  The chances now of getting a daily deviation is completely proportional to how popular you already are, not how good your art is.  Just how many daily deviations are presented concurrently?  I don't think it's gone up in proportion to the number of artists submitting their art.

I think it's horrible that the exposure a deviation gets to the rest of the deviantart community is determined by the time of day it gets posted.  Posting something at 1am on a weeknight gets a quarter as many views as posting it at 4pm on a weekend.  What gives?  I don't think it's fair to show "latest deviations" as a sorted list of whatever has been posted most recently.  It would be more fair to take all the images of the last specified time period (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc), and weight them inversely by page views.  If you posted a deviation 6 hours ago and it hasn't received any views, it should be shown more often in the category landing/index page than an image that's been viewed 100 times in the last hour.  If the viewer really wants to see "popular" images, they should select Most Popular.

Is this actually implemented already?  How is category landing page display of "recent" images actually being done?

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how someone becomes popular on DeviantArt without posting nudes or furry/anime fan sketches on an hourly basis.

What happened to the Art?

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  • Reading: your mom's email
  • Watching: you pee
  • Playing: with myself
  • Eating: moldy bread
  • Drinking: heavily

burning man stuffs (who and where?!)

Mon Aug 18, 2008, 12:07 PM
My campmates and I are going out on monday the 25th, and camping somewhere within 3:30-4:00 and C or D. I'll have a UFO (er, "weather balloon") floating over our camp at night with white/green lights on it.

I'll be registered on the playa info systems as Erik Schorr and Felix, with camp "B12".  If you get a chance, register yourself and your camp at playa info, too.

Who else is going?  Post your camp name/location here, and if you'll be doing any photography/modelling out there!

five thousand!

Fri Nov 16, 2007, 2:12 AM
blah blah blah blah i'm a dirty whore blah blah blah.

four thousand!

Thu Mar 1, 2007, 7:54 PM
okay, i cheated. i logged out and reloaded at 3999 views. :P

i'm on pause, and posting old photos until i get a new camera and laptop.

goatfucking crackhead thieves smashed my car window and grabbed my laptop and camera (the 10D)

can't wait til they realize that 1) there are no cables in the camera bag or with the laptop, so there's no way to recharge the batteries unless THEY PAY for a charger, 2) the laptop requires a bios password for it to do anything at all, and they probably wont even think the thing works because i configured it to only turn on after holding the power button for 5 full seconds, and 3) the laptop's cdrom and floppy drive are still in my possession, so they'd have to acquire a floppy or cdrom drive for that laptop to recover or reinstall anything on it.

if they have the slightest hint of a conscience, they'll bring at least the laptop back, but i doubt it.  i probably pissed them off with the laptop.

and please don't be the 100th person to lecture me about leaving valuable shit in my car.  i _never_ leave those things in my car when it's parked on the street.  i was distracted and didn't think to put the car in the garage or get the stuff out of it before it was  too late.


Sun Sep 11, 2005, 7:39 AM
think deviantart has lots of art? go to burning man some time.

it's harsh.  it's in the middle of the northern nevada desert.  it's all dust.  actually, organic sediment which settled on the bottom of a lake thousands of years ago.  it's alkali and caustic and ruins mechanics and metals after only a few weeks.

it's noisy.  people are up nearly all hours of the day/night.  doing cool shit.  crazy shit.  drugs, dancing, demonstrating art, BEING art, gawking at the art and the art beings.  people sleep only when it's practical or essential.

it's bright.  no matter where you go, there's someone doing something with fire.  fire spinners (yay poi!) and fire dancers.  people setting things on fire.  people shooting fire out of cannons and jets and cars.  fireworks.  well and overly lit art installations.  spotlights scanning across the sky.  LASERS slicing through the stars.  during the day, there's no shade.  there's NO vegetation, and every bit of shade is man-made.

it's friendly.  people come with the hope to share.  whether that being shared is art, food, friendship, water, caffeine, drugs, showers,

it's spiritual.  without any mention of deism or deities.  the experience touches parts of you that would never activate in daily life.  you'll walk away with a sense of "holy shit, i felt like a PART of it".  then it'll be a realization, "i WAS a part of it."

it's more than everything you could imagine.  people aren't supposed to do those things.  those things just aren't possible.  how the FUCK did they do that?  WHY the fuck did they do that?  what fucking completely insane nutjob came up with that?  why does it matter?  you'll never see it all.  it's just too much to take in.  expect to be overwhelmed, but understand that it's completely impossible to experience everything that is at burning man.  everything that IS burning man.

there's more.  the man, the camps, the temple, the city itself, the playa, the parties, the people, and the energy, all escape explanation and quantification.  you wont understand it until you experience it.

view my (small subset of) photos from burningman at…

Wherever I may roam

Fri Aug 5, 2005, 4:25 AM
roaming, looking for more locations...

Sacramento rocks.  an hour from SF, two hours from lake tahoe and reno, an hour from dense forest, a few hours from desert.  I'm in desperate need of another long drive with my roommate (omg-she-so-hot) to find some kick-ass shooting locations.  It's been too long, and I've been working too much.

Fuck redheads.
Because they're crazy.
And the sex is great.

The hurt outside is only temporary.
The hurt inside comes later.
She warned me.
I love her for that.

weeee defcon!

Mon Jul 26, 2004, 4:36 AM
omg vegas wtf.

party party drugs girls party bottlerocket drinking photos drink party girls omg someone give me an ice cube and a twenty drink party pass out  face down in an alley with one sock wtf where's my camera fuck it good morning pool 3 just give me some cocaine and gin wanna box?

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