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My dear tagger~:iconsaelinlee:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs.
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.

My queshies~!

1. What would you think about writing a collab with me?

It would be awesomeness! I never did that before and it sounds ham!

2. What would YOU do if your country was suddenly ruled by Adolf Hitler 2.0? Of course, answer honestly  [I'm sorry, but this questions keeps my busy...]

I'd be dead .-. I'd get sent to a camp...and be killed

3. What's your favourite sweet?

Freaking fudge!! I love fudge!

4. What's your favourite word, and, if needed, the meaning of it?

Awesome!! Nuff said -3-

5. What's for you the best writer here on dA?

Pssh! Probably Silver-KitsuneNeko or shihachii

6. Would you ever roleplay with me?

F yeah~!:dummy:

7. Are you satisfied with the place you live at? If not, where would you want to live?

It's iight but I plan on moving somewhere...that's not the freaking United States cause I don't like it here >->

8. Do you know Planetary Moe? o.o

No I do not o3o

9. What's your favourite singer? Purposely SINGER, not band~

Trey Songz -w- I love trey songz ineverywayincludingthestalkingtype ewe....i'mkiddingIpromiseXD

10. I'm sorry if these questions are weird, I caught a cold and am feeling miserabely ;-;

It otay ;3;
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Shit, I accidently hit "send", so here the Rest >_>

4. Awesome is awesome~ :P

5. Ah :eyes: Yes, Shiha-san's stories are awesome! <3

6. Roleplaying with you'd be so awesome! >w<

7. ...Maybe to Europe? :iconbegplz:

8. But you have to! D:

9. What's Trey Songz? xDD

10. I'm happy ;-;
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4. Of course it is

5. Yuss yuss. She is awesome

6. Roleplaying with chu would be awesome! ewe

7. I'm most definitely going all up in Europe No sexual joke intended XD

8. I really have no idea what that is XD

9. Everyone gone say that? [link] watch this. That is Trey songz. He makes babies happen...Me and Prussia was listening to Trey songz XD
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4. You say it :XD: Sorry for the late reply btw TAT

5. Jepp, I'm so happy to have her as my friend~ And one day we'll meet for sure, last week it sadly didn't work D:

6. Oh yes, it really would! Just tell me if you want to rp, okay? :meow:

7. Jepp~ Haha, and not at all ;D

8. Now you made your daughter sad TAT

9. Well, he certainly is for a new singer not bad o3o
So I have to blame thank Trey Songz for me existing? :D
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4. Chu ok o3o

5. Oh wow. I really wanna meet one of my D.A. buddies in real life one day .3.

6. Ok!....I wanna rp -w-

7. Well otay then~:dummy:

8. ;A; Awww. But what is it?

9. He's not really new >w< I guess not alot of out of States people know him...unless you're a single lady somewhere in your twenties and early thirties XD And yes!! He has a song called invented sex...yes you should thank Trey Songz!! XD Thank him repeatedly!...I get too worked up about Trey Songz than a normal fifteen year old girl should, huh o-o
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1. Yes, I'm sure this'd be real fun! <3

2. Heh, why would you be death? D:

3. Fudge? What's that? o3o
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1. Yay~!

2. The main point of Hitler was to kill everyone who wasn't blonde haired and blue-eyed. I'm black so they'd send me to a concentration camp. Especially if it happened in the United states.

3. They don't have fudge in Germany?! It's like a type of chocolate XD
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1. So we really should do it~ x3

2. Not really, because not everone was blonde and had blue eyes, but I guess as a black one... you'd be sent to a concentration camp, yes.
...I don't want this to happen, ever! QWQ And why especially in the USA? o:

3. Well, I just don't know it word, so it COULD be... And I LOVE chocolate! *o*
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1. Yuss *o*

2. The United States is racist to everybody. Well luckily that won't happen! Hopefully people are smarter than that~:dummy: Ha! Smarter, dummy. Gosh I'm awesome!

3. XD It's like a chewy type chocolate. Like an upgraded version of a tootsie roll...if they have those where you live. I've never been out the States >w<
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Who's Trey songz?
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[link] that is trey songz. I immediately went to youtube when I saw this comment XD
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Can't watch it on my phone ewe I'm sad now XD
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Oh woahs ;A; You must hear Trey Songz at least once. His voice makes babies happen XD
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XD well now I know where my sisters came from XD
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Glad I could shed some light on that for ya ewe
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XD looked him up...sex on legs XD
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You can see how he causes babies ewe he has a song called invented sex...of course XD
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