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Goggles Cloud Hop

I commissioned :iconzaron: to do a sketch of Cloud Hop with goggles, which I loved. I had intended to commission a full color version, but recent events required me to very quickly come up with a new avatar so I just vectored the image myself as a temporary stopgap.

Original Sketch:…
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(Ps I am a fan of Pony Clicker
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Change Log:
“Getting Infinite smiles no longer crashes the game”
What the heck? Infinite smiles? How long do you have to run the game to get that to happen?

(Currently at 31 ponies, next pony at 6.848*10^44, rate of 1.194*10^37 smiles per second)
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People were editing their smiles amounts directly and/or experimenting with other things that could occasionally result in Infinite smiles by overloading the 64-bit double they were being stored in (the maximum amount is about 10^307). The problem is that this could crash the game and render the save file completely broken, making it almost impossible to recover from. So I handle the infinite case now so that curious people who start messing with the code don't accidentally lock themselves out of the game.
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Okay, good to know (since I'll probably start messing with things myself after I get pony #32, which probably won't happen for a month or two).
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The end is n[e]igh!
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Ok, I think I'm done. I could reset and get more cupcakes, but nah.

I have reached 30 ponies, and it says that I will be able to buy another... in 4 years and 91 days.

All time smiles: 9.736 tredecillion (9.736 x 10^42)

Smiles per second: 5.108 undecillion (5.108 x 10^36)

If no one else can say that they have more, then I guess I hold the record.
Does that mean I am the best at something for once in my life? I feel so stoked Maud Pie. Too bad there isn't a plaque I could hang on my wall.

"Yo, man. What's that for?"
"I don't mean to brag or anything, but, uh, I hold the world record for smiles for the Pony Clicker. It's on my 

Y'know, no big deal.Sparklez la la la " 
I could give two F*cks! (Markiplier chat icon Need Some Fish 50x50 (Emoticon GIF) Markiplier Dancing Scopophobia I don't even know anymore.
If you're bored, try stepping through the code with a debugger.

I got interesting things to happen using Math.pow() and breakpoints inside Earn().
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I'm pretty sure that at this point you've gone way farther than the game can deal with :'D
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I'm surprised that I was able to deal with it for this long.
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I'm currently at 3.453 tredecilion smiles (3.453 x 10^42)
[eye twitches]
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Good lord I'm not sure I even balanced the game to go that far.
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I've been leaving it open with my laptop in sleep mode overnight. It still builds up smiles!

I also have 271,000 all time boops, completed all the achievements for 422 muffins, 23 million cupcakes, and a total play time of 1073 hours.

[giggles maniacally]
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You scare me :>
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...Very clever mate. I'm liking the game!

Just as a bit of a spoiler....
I used inspect element o.o
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god im such an achievement whore
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Why can't I hold all this narcissism?!
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Beats me :)

Btw, it would be a nice feature to have the price of the currently most efficient income building displayed in green text or something along those lines - you probably know this feature from some of the many cookie clicker addons.

While we are at it: Well done, I like the game! Currently saving for my 24th pony :D
Do you think you will you open up the game for addons the likes of which cookie clicker has?
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I like having the information in the tooltip, but I don't want to make it TOO easy or the game turns into "click the green button" and I wanted to avoid that. I might make the text in the tooptip green to make it easier to spot, though. We're also working on a feature that will let you know how long it will be until you can buy an item.

I was actually thinking about a Mod API today and created an issue for it. It won't happen until sometime after the v1.0 though, because the game is in desperate need of rebalancing and has other more pressing issues.
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Sounds reasonable. Is the current view on the ponies final? I liked seeing all of them at once, will there be a possibility to zoom out to see them all? (Or is it already in place and I missed it)
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There is already a feature request for this that will be implemented in the near future.
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Speaking of balancing, I've noticed that a new pony is generally by far the best building to get, in terms of gained SPS.

Will you fix the plural of "party" showing up as "partys"? Since I'm far into the game, I'd be happy to debug.
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The pony problem is because I used a factorial function on the pony which outstrips everything else in short order. In the rebalance, friendships will always dominate everything else, and the growth functions won't explode as rapidly. Once I finishing overhauling the upgrade system I'm going to start experimenting with new functions for the rebalance.

I never noticed that the achievements weren't using the plural word correctly. This has been fixed.
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