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This story introduces a new heroine, Orisha, a very Wonder Woman-ish superheroine that fights to end the civil wars in Africa. Whereas I think this "representativity" thing that social justice warriors preach exarcerbates and perpetuates racism more than fights it, I thought this would be an interesting theme and a good oportunity to do a warrior superhero. I'm trying to do a trope with each character I create to keep things diverse. First part is really introdutory, not that much power and sexy stuff, but the second part will have more action on that front.

The woman in the photo Is Yarishna Ayala, a fitness model and bodybuilder. I'm normally not into muscle girls, but Ayala's body is just so completely stunning that I just can't stop mesmerizing it. Also I know there are some muscle fans that read my stories so consider this my treat to you guys. Again, I do not own the picture nor do I intend on making any money with it.

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akizz's avatar
Aww there's no transformation or body exploring scene? Still hot :)
Another great addition!
You're on a roll!
A bit early to tell what kind of metahuman she'll be, but I look forward to finding out 😄
erikhandel's avatar
She's really like Wonder Woman but with a deeper connection to the human world and an almost comically fictional sex drive