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A little bit late but is now here, hoping you love it! :+favlove:

First of all thanks for the amazing theme, this RM Skin was styled to match perfectly with VS from kiko11


• Clock - Bandwidth
• Bandwidth
• Logged Time
• Rounded Corners
• Typo
• SlideShow


Bello VS by kiko11
Wallpaper by Momez

Comment and Fav if you like it!! :+fav:
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How Full Image?
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I have no tiem to finish the release :/
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Just upload PSD so people can make them? I would really like them.


Nevermind I figured it out made my own.
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Link the icons please? :)
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Not finished :/
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skin is very beautiful thanks.
how to make a sign? [link]
write my nickname so please (HeBbIxoD)
or is it what the font? just super!
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In the INI config file fins for the text as show on the original screen "Customize is just Great..." and replace for yours!
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thanks, I already told people the name of the font Kubikmeta
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Oh sorry you mean the ttf xD
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Simple amazing (:
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very beautiful!
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There is a typo... "Loged as..."
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Yes in the .ini config file
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Could we perhaps get the icons in the taskbar?
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Sure but Im now working and in the school at the night so maybe the weekend :)
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Still not release the icons?
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Sorry but Im busy at the moment :/
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I've been waiting for a while as well. :(

If you can't upload the entire pack, how about dimensions so I could make some for myself? Pixelfonts are tricky if you don't have the correct dimensions.

If anyone already knows the dimensions but doesn't know the font, I believe it's hooge_0557 but I could be wrong.
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Correct size are 32x32px, im going to share this Sunday man!
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Nice, I'm looking forward to it! :)
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