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The Hermit ( Tarot Card )

By erikemiranda
My version for the card number 9 of the standart tarot deck ; The Hermit.

"The Tao gives birth to One.
One gives birth to Two.
Two gives birth to Three.
Three gives birth to all things.

All things have their backs to the female
and stand facing the male.
When male and female combine,
all things achieve harmony.

Ordinary men hate solitude.
But the Master makes use of it,
embracing his aloneness, realizing
he is one with the whole universe."
Chapter 42 - Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - Translation by Stephen Mitchell

Thanks everyone /o
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Nice man! good contrast between de dark background and the lighter shading in the character.

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That's badass. Please check out my profile
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I love this.  Do you have the whole tarot set?  I would love to buy it if you do.
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Saturn is the nexus, man.
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I especially like the cryptic iconography. It gets my mind spinning on the concept of audience. I'm thinking it is interesting how an average person would be able to tell that the circle and hexagon pattern is incredibly meaningful and yet the meaning is a secret to all but a select few. It implies meaning while being meaningless to most people.

If drawing a pattern like that on a card doesn't change the card's properties then I guess it would still be useful for tricking people into thinking it is doing something it can't.

Have you ever thought of integrating Feynman diagrams into your work?
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Hi man /o
First, thanks for the attention and thoughts, its amazing to have someone reading it.

thought about it, but I may try, yes, to bring some concepts from Feynman diagrams in the next designs. There's a number of reasons we try to stick with the conventional physics/philosophical diagrams, one, and the most important, is the aesthetics and how it improve some compositions.

I've been thinking to make some relations with Water Russel's diagrams, or Laffoley's.

But I'll try to get deeper and wider on this matter, ill give you that.

I may continue with this kind of drawings by mid-May, and it will awesome to have you commenting. Have a good night, man /o
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What is this hexagonal Symbol in the Backround? and where is it from?

PS nice drawing.

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