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let's not be anemones...

The front and back of a Valentines postcard I am selling over here: [link]
There are three other designs, but this one is my favorite.
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I've seen it too late! Sorry!
But I LOVE that.
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I've always thought cuttlefish were adorable, and this just reinforces that :D Great job!
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haha i have this post card. Got it when i ordered one of your comics. What a nice surprise.

**Stumbled here on StumbleUpon**
Holy crap I love this XD
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This has got to be one of the cutest things ever
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I actually love this, sooo cute :D
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amazin! cutest thing ive seen in weeks
Amber-EyedSpirit's avatar
I've seen this floating around while creeping over my friends stumbleupons.
You cannot imagine my elation when I found it here! :D
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that's so cute, great work with science
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that's so creative. nice work.
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Bahaha Id love to see an anemone fight!!!
that's so cute and clever!
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lol, that's cute. i like it. much yes this is beautiful
words cant describe its beauty
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I never thought I'd say "cute" about a scuttlefish . . . but that's SO CUTE
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Stumbleupon nearly never disappoints. :meow:
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Too true, too true.
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congratulations! your on stumbleupon!!
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