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Minecraft - Marble Machine X 1 by Erik-the-Okapi Minecraft - Marble Machine X 1 :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 3 0 Lynn Loud Jr by Erik-the-Okapi Lynn Loud Jr :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 2 1 Luna Loud by Erik-the-Okapi Luna Loud :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 3 2 Lincoln Loud by Erik-the-Okapi Lincoln Loud :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 5 0 Kyra Wallace (TLH style) by Erik-the-Okapi Kyra Wallace (TLH style) :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 10 13 Kyra Wallace Lineart by Erik-the-Okapi Kyra Wallace Lineart :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 5 0 Lego Creations 14 - Skyscrapers by Erik-the-Okapi Lego Creations 14 - Skyscrapers :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 1 4 Lego Creations 13 - Ostrich by Erik-the-Okapi Lego Creations 13 - Ostrich :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 2 0 Lego Creations 12 - Mini Digger by Erik-the-Okapi Lego Creations 12 - Mini Digger :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 2 0 Lego Creations 11 - Piano by Erik-the-Okapi Lego Creations 11 - Piano :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 3 1 Lego Creations 10 - Camera by Erik-the-Okapi Lego Creations 10 - Camera :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 5 1 Lego Creations 9 - White House by Erik-the-Okapi Lego Creations 9 - White House :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 3 3 Lego Creations 8 - Buildings by Erik-the-Okapi Lego Creations 8 - Buildings :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 2 0 Lego Creations 7 - Castle by Erik-the-Okapi Lego Creations 7 - Castle :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 2 0 Lego Creations 6 - Motorcycle by Erik-the-Okapi Lego Creations 6 - Motorcycle :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 1 0 Lego Creations 5 - Racecar by Erik-the-Okapi Lego Creations 5 - Racecar :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 1 0


Summer Commissions
I'm low on some points (166), so for the next few months, I'll be doing some expensive Commissions. Send me a Note, along with some info on your OC. :) (Smile) :) (Smile)

1: Only 1 OC per Commission. After I'm finished with yours, you may pay for another.
2: No sexual content!!!!
3: No Background; Unless if it's simple.
4: Only Full, or Half Body.
5: I will draw furries.
6: You can choose either: Traditional, or Digital

In the Note, plz send me a link of your OC, long with a certain pose for said OC.
Plz send me the points to my Donation Pool. Thanx! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)
March/April/May Sonic OC Commissions!!
I'm low on some points, so for the next few months, I'll be doing some expensive Commissions. Send me a Note, along with some info on your OC. :) :)

1: Only 1 OC per Commission. After I'm finished with yours, you may pay for another.
2: No sexual content!!!!
3: No Background; Unless if it's simple.
4: Only Full, or Half Body.
5: I will draw furries.

In the Note, plz send me a link of your OC, long with a certain pose for said OC.
Plz send me the points to my Donation Pool. Thanx! :D :D

Also, the 6th pic; OC belongs to septumpler
The 2nd pic; OC belongs to Hello-Myfriends 
Christmas Time!!!!
Time to get festive with some commissions!! :D :D
I'll only do Traditional. :) :)

Full-Body: 200 Points
Half-Body: 200 Points

Please donate your points to my donation poll!! :) :)
I'll be working on them during the whole month of December!! :D :D
1st ever commission
1st commission ever.

I'm still a bit new to DeviantArt, & I'm bored, so why not I just do this? Hope you like my art.


Special Sibling Bond Chapter 8: Camping Trip
At the Pizza Arcade, Lincoln and Luna were playing Guitar Hero (the arcade version of course). So far, Lincoln was the one winning this little match from this amazing video game. Luna however, was getting close to being his score, even if she hasn't played Guitar Hero as much as her little brother did, because Lincoln was the master video game player of the family.
"Come on bro, is that the best you got?" Luna said playfully.
"Oh no, I'll show you what i'm made of, sis!" Lincoln said while laughing with joy. At the very end of the level, ultimately, Lincoln was the one who was victorious. He cheered in triumph while Luna was was cheering him on.
"wow bro, that was so amazing!" She said proudly. "That's way better than my score."
"really? You played Guitar Hero before, Luna?"
"oh yeah, dozens of times, even though I prefer playing the real guitar."
"good game, Luna."
"aww, thanks Linc you too." She replied happily, then they both hugged each other again.
It was just then their stomachs
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 5 0
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 7: Clyde's Jelousy
The next Couple days, Lincoln was getting better and better on the guitar, and was getting rather good at it. However, he was wearing earphones connected to the amplifier to not cause any unnecessary noise. One sibling playing a loud guitar was bad enough for the parents, but they could not even handle two loud guitars playing at once.
after a good hour, Lincoln decided to take a break and put his guitar and amp aside.
Meantime, he was looking fro something else to do to pass the time through this fine day. Perhaps his closest sister, Luna, was available to hang out with. He looked at her window, reading an autobiography of Mick Swagger
"hey, Luna. You busy?"
"huh? Oh sorry dude, just reading about Mick Swagger. What's happening?"
Lincoln was a little slow and cleared his throat before addressing "I was wondering if you would like to do something fun today. What do you say?"
"sure bro, I guess I can take a break from shredding my axe." She got out of her bed and our the guitar next to
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 8 0
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 24: Sky Gazing
In the evening, the stars were appearing from the soon-to-be night sky in Royal Woods. The time was was around seven in the evening, and the crescent moon was shown glowing along with the stars scattered across the universe. Only a tiny bit of the sun was still lighting a really small portion of sky, and it continues to shrink until minutes later, the sunlight was completely vanquished, thus ending another day on earth, and the telephone poles' lights instantly came on when the sun set completely.
Lincoln and Luna were having a good time watching the movie adaption of the infamous musical "Rock of Ages" with Tom Cruise as the star himself. During the near end of the movie, and Luna found him rather adorable to just fall asleep on her warm lap.
She smiled warmly, and then noticed that it was going to the best part of the movie, the ending, and she gently whispered in his head "Lincy." in a sing-song tone of voice. "Come on, buddy. The movie's almost finished." In an instant, Lincoln imm
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 4 0
Lincoln and Ronnie Anne by JoeyWaggoner Lincoln and Ronnie Anne :iconjoeywaggoner:JoeyWaggoner 291 12 Link and Ronnie by ItsJumpJump Link and Ronnie :iconitsjumpjump:ItsJumpJump 154 10 Luan On Fleek by TheFreshKnight Luan On Fleek :iconthefreshknight:TheFreshKnight 391 206
Special Sibling Bond Chapter 6: Accidents Happen
Lincoln and Luna were doing a little heavy metal jamming in the garage. Her younger brother was becoming quite a fast learner when it comes to music. "Whoo! awesome jam ses, bro!" Luna congratulated after they were finished
"Thanks, Luna. I couldn't have done it without you." Lincoln replied kindly. "I think I has enough jamming for one day. Wouldn't want Mr. Grouse to call the police on us."
Luna chuckled. "Never mind that old coot Lincoln." she said. "He complains about everything. And, I think I should call it a day myself. Mustn't burn myself out or make my fingers bleed with all that shredding." Then she put her handy guitar in the case, then Lincoln did the same after in his own case.
"oh yeah, really nice playing Loud!" Called out a grouchy elderly voice. It was none other than Mr. grouse. "Now I have to put up with to music maniacs!"
"Oh mind your own business, Mr. Grouse! Don't you have any prune juice to drink?" Lincoln called back to him
The grouchy old neighbor made a sligh
:iconmetalbrony823:MetalBrony823 16 0
Gal Pals by General-RADIX Gal Pals :icongeneral-radix:General-RADIX 35 2 Tangle the Lemur by General-RADIX Tangle the Lemur :icongeneral-radix:General-RADIX 121 16
Request and Commission (OPEN)
That's right I'm opening up my first request and commission entry. For Commission, I'll be taking points for commission. This journal will be closed once all the slots are full. 
  1. Each Commission cost 20 for non-shading and 100 points shading.
  2. Once the commission starts, things will be held off until the commission is done unless fate says otherwise.
Do not claim my art as yours.
  4. No fetish, gore, vore, or Sexual content 
  5. Can't do Anime. Sorry.
  6. OC's are allowed.
  7. Don't rush me or else I'll cancelled you're request or commission. Things take time 
- Commission
- Requests
1. :iconharryslasher56:
2. :iconthe-double-u:
3. :iconerik-the-okapi:
4. :iconneonimbus526:
5. :iconwinged-akatsuki:
6. :iconphoenixofgrunvale:
7. :iconskrallhunter:
8. :iconcartoonanimefan2000:
9. :iconpinchimono3:
10. :iconrealmilesifywo
:iconmegad3:MegaD3 4 53
Sue Morris by OhYeahCartoonsFan Sue Morris :iconohyeahcartoonsfan:OhYeahCartoonsFan 3 0 Flipz by OhYeahCartoonsFan Flipz :iconohyeahcartoonsfan:OhYeahCartoonsFan 5 0 Julie Su by OhYeahCartoonsFan Julie Su :iconohyeahcartoonsfan:OhYeahCartoonsFan 3 0 Miles Tails Prower by OhYeahCartoonsFan Miles Tails Prower :iconohyeahcartoonsfan:OhYeahCartoonsFan 4 0 Can somebody help me D: by ChiptheHedgehog Can somebody help me D: :iconchipthehedgehog:ChiptheHedgehog 96 53 The cute kitty video XD by ChiptheHedgehog The cute kitty video XD :iconchipthehedgehog:ChiptheHedgehog 112 118


Erik-the-Okapi has started a donation pool!
1,365 / 1,400,000
Current point balance: 57 <----

In case I wanna start some more contests in the near future!!!! :D :D :D :D

You must be logged in to donate.

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Next OC for Group Collab!! VOTE NOW!! 

4 deviants said Erik the Okapi…
2 deviants said Sarah the Fox…
2 deviants said Any Official Sonic Character: Sonic, Amy, Tails, etc. (PLZ COMMENT & WHY!!!!)
1 deviant said Melchi the Porcupine…
1 deviant said Jemma the Echidna…
1 deviant said Rift the Wholphin…
1 deviant said Ming the Siamese Cat…
1 deviant said Chester the Okapi…
1 deviant said Amber the Liger…
1 deviant said Levy the Fox…


Hello there! ~ :D
Wed Jun 13, 2018, 5:12 PM
Hey, Erik? Guess what? 5 Days till my birthday!
Thu May 17, 2018, 1:55 PM
Cooeee Erik!
Tue May 15, 2018, 5:50 PM
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Erik, friends and family!
Sun Dec 24, 2017, 2:49 PM
Tue Nov 21, 2017, 4:01 PM
So close to reaching 300 watchers! It will be very soon!
Fri Sep 29, 2017, 1:59 PM
happy early birthday !
Wed Sep 20, 2017, 4:28 AM
Marching onwards to victory...
Wed Sep 13, 2017, 4:18 PM
Sat Sep 9, 2017, 7:34 PM
Boop! :XD:
Tue Aug 8, 2017, 10:42 AM




For anyone that's a Loud House fan....

Any real reason on why Lincoln's hair is white?
Cuz I kinda kinda think it's from "lots of stress from living in a big family.

But, there's other reasons by fans....
One thing to hate when you're online:

When you try to post a comment on DeviantArt, & in the bottom-right corner of your laptop, a Discord notification blocks it; preventing you from clicking it.... Rage Rage  :( :(
That's LITERALLY everyday for me!!!!  Rage Rage  :( :(
Kinda forget today was Friday the 13th :O :O :XD: :XD:
I hope everyone had an okay, superstitious day.... :hmm: :hmm: :) :)
I'm kinda having trouble on what my next contest should be :hmm: :hmm:
Any suggestions? :) :)
Just to let everyone know that I'm on an art block at the moment; that explains why I'm posting Lego pics.

In order to get back to drawing, could someone plz draw some fanart of my OCs?
It might help me........ :hmm: :) :hmm: :)
Currently looking for more members for my group :iconerik-the-okapi-fans:
I recently added a folder for everyone's OCs!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
Plz come join & contribute!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)
I might Livestream the festival if I have time. Keep an eye on my YouTube channel in case :) :)
Gonna be at Greenville, SC for the Wells Fargo 4th of July Festival :D :D
Gonna be at Greenville, SC for the Wells Fargo 4th of July Festival :D :D



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


First ever critique here. :D :D Saw the livestream just now & I have to say that this is an AWESOME drawing of one of my OCs!! I remember...

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Erik Wallace
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a new Sonic fan who draws & writes anything Sonic Boom related. Hope you like my content. :) :D :) :D

11/28/15: Became a Sonic fan
3/16/16: Started Sonic Boom Bloopers
9/4/16: Joined DeviantArt (Name: Erik-Tails-4000)
9/5/16: 1st Watcher: :iconfixerschannel:
9/25/16: My 19th Birthday! :D
9/27/16: Joined Sonic Boom Legends! :D
10/6/16: 10 Watchers!
11/31/16: Created Stixer! (SticksXFixer)
11/11/16: Drew my OC: Erik the Okapi! :D
11/12/16: 20 Watchers!!
11/27/16: Updated my OC! :D
11/18/16: 1 Year of Sonic the Hedgehog! :D
12/10/16: Core Membership/Name Change (Name: Erik-the-Okapi)
12/18/16: 30 Watchers!!!
Number of Watchers at the end of 2016: 37
1/10/17: 40 Watchers!!!!
1/26/17: 50 Watchers!!!!!
2/16/17: 60 Watchers!!!!!!
2/25/17: 70 Watchers!!!!!!!
3/10/17: Acquired 100 Llamas!
3/17/17: 80 Watchers!!!!!!!!
3/30/17: 90 Watchers!!!!!!!!!
4/5/17: Achieved 10k Pageviews!!!!!!!!!!
4/12/17: Achieved 100 Watchers! :D :iconeveboni-the-kool-aid: is the 100th watcher! :D
4/14/17: Adopted 2 new OCs: Levy & Sarah the Foxes!! :D (Levy was from :iconmeltheartist: & Sarah was from :iconaqua-chan12: )
4/15/17: Created my new OC: Kyra the Okapi! :D
4/27/17: Adopted a new OC: Melchi the Porcupine! :D (Melchi was from :iconshyamiq: )
5/7/17: Adopted a new Element Hedgehog OC from :aqua-the-kitty: (drawing coming soon!)
5/21/17: Adopted a new Butterfly OC from :iconthecarebeargirl: (drawing coming soon!)
6/13/17: Achieved 15k Pageviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6/14/17: Adopted a new OC: Rocket the Hawk! :D (Rocket was from :iconthecarebeargirl: )
7/19/17: Achieved 20k Pageviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8/17/17: Achieved 200 Watchers!! :iconxxrobotchaoxx: is the 200th Watcher!! :D
9/4-5/17: My 1 year anniversary on DA! :D
9/4/17: Created 2 new OCs: Cedric & Anna the Okapi (Erik & Kyra's Parents)
9/30/17: Achieved 300 Qatchers!!! :iconedgymama: is the 300th Watcher!!! :D
10/11/17: Adopted Kara the Cat!! :D (Now named Karolyn the Cat!! :D
12/1/17: Achieved 400 Watchers!!!! :iconmeltheartirts-bases: is the 400th Watcher!!!! Thanx a lot Mel!!!! :D :aww: :huggle: :tighthug:
Number of Watchers at the end of 2017: 440
2/12/18: Achieved 500 Watchers!!!!! :icontracytron54321: is the 500th Watcher!!!!!
3/2/18: Achieved 60k pageviews!!!!!!
5/13/18: Adopted a new OC: Catherine the Chinchilla (Catherine was from :iconwillowthehedgehog17:
5/31/18: Achieved 600 Watchers!!!!!! :iconaliceliddellveteran: is the 600th Watcher!!!!!!

What's Open/Closed?

Requests: OPEN
(Done 24 Requests)

Point Commissions: OPEN
(Done 1 Commission)

Art Trades: OPEN
(Done 1 Art Trade)

(Done 3 Requests; the recent pic was from my friend Mel)

Buttons 1

Sonic Boom Legends

Sonic the Hedgehog Pairings

Sonic Boom

Sonic the Hedgehog Games

Buttons 2



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Jul 18, 2018
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Jul 18, 2018
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Jul 18, 2018
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Jul 18, 2018
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galaxycat500 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Hey are your art trades open?
Erik-the-Okapi Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sadly no.... :hmm:
I kinda have them "open to friends"

Here's what I have open currently:
Group Collab: Erik the Okapi (OPEN!!!!!!!!)I'm back with another Group Collab! :D (Big Grin) :D
My last collabs were on my OCs Kyra the Okapi & Karolyn the Cat (currently on hold), so today's collab is: Erik the Okapi!!!!!!!! :D :D

My first ever Sonic OC; back in November 11, 2016.
I created him just for Sonic Boom Legends, but now, he's featured in multiple fanfics & fanart :D :D :D :D
At 14 years, he's the fastest Okapi in the world; runs as fast as Sonic at 767MPH!!!!!!!
I know that my DA username is named after him (and can be a bit confusing), but I like it :) :) :) [:) (Smile)]
Anyway, for the Rules, here's what you have to do:
The pose: All participants must draw Erik as shown above.Art style: use your own art style. No need to copy anyone else; just be yourself. You're allowed to use Traditional or Digital when drawing Erik
Make sure to add your signature as a visible size.Participants: 40 spots will be available.
Spots: Save your spot by puttin
Opening Sonic Requests! (OPEN!)Hello, fellow Okapi followers! I have decided to open up some requests for traditional & some digital drawings that I make based on Sonic Boom, or some other stuff.
1/29/18 EDIT: I added in another 40 spots. Now, there's a total of 80 spots!!!!!!!!
Only Team Sonic characters (Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Sticks, & Zooey), Pairings (Sonamy, Tailooey, & Stixer, ETC.), OCs (including OC Pairings) & some Freedom Fighters/other Classic-Modern characters.I won't draw villains (mostly because I can't draw humans)Feel free to either comment here for requests, or click here: (LINK)Feel free to share this with everyone you know!After your request is finished, you may ask for another :DIf you deactivate, your request won't be made

1: :iconlilaclisianthus: Erik the Okapi
Sonic Point Commissions 2018-2019 (OPEN!!)Hello, fellow Okapi followers! I want to try & get some points in my donation poll, so I have decided to open up point commissions for traditional & some digital drawings that I make based on Sonic Boom, or some other stuff. (Modern/Classic counts as well)
I'll only do sketches, poses, headshots, & full body drawings for this.
If you want a commission, you can either ask me in notes, or leave a comment in the comments box below the journal.
6/16/17 EDIT: Send me the points to my donation pool! :D :D :D :D
6/16/17 EDIT: Added "sketches" to the list.
6/17/17 EDIT: Added "slots" for this.
9/5/17 EDIT: Added "Digital Drawings" for this.
3/22/18 EDIT: Added the option of drawing "some Freedom Fighters/other Classic-Modern characters" to this.
3/24/18 EDIT: Added "Special Projects" to the list.
Only Team Sonic characters (Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Sticks, & Zooey), Pairings (Sonamy, Tailooey, & Stixer, ETC.),  OCs (including OC Pairings), & so
MegaD3 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the favs:)
CinemaFurryBoy150 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Thanks for the fave!
3wyl Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! Welcome you to :icondiscordapp:. Hopefully our front page is helpful? If you have any thoughts, suggestions, concerns, or anything else about the group, let me know! Feel free to use the discord images!!
TerrorKing10 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave
KatieFitness Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch! Your art is nice.
Skye-Izumi Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, just letting you know I'm open to taking requests again, if you ever want me to do another for you, I'm open to doing it.
Erik-the-Okapi Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool!! :D
I already left a comment there for a request :)
Skye-Izumi Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kyra fist bumping Yuki.
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