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Violet and the Phantom : 4
Violet was a woman blessed and cursed all at once. In the month and a half since her attack and subsequent recouperation under Erik's tender care something miraculous had occurred. It had begun so gradually that she had barely noticed it. But slowly it began to dawn on her that the shadows in her eyes were becoming clearer. Her near constant headaches were passing and her world of black, white and grey was becoming subtly infused with slowly developing colour. Every day she discovered something she hadn't noticed before, the shadows gathering structure and depth. She was far from fully healed, but every day it got slightly better.
She had no idea what had caused this miracle to occur. Vaugely she remembered the physician who had treated her injury at the start commenting that temporary blindness can be caused by a blow to the head, but when hers remained in a constant state it was suggested that it was more likely a permenant retinal damage caused by the fire, smoke and ash. Her eyes t
:iconleonlioness:leonlioness 7 7
Violet and the Phantom : 5.1
"Welcome to the Ballet Mademoiselle" Erik leant closer to her, so he could lower his voice. The foyer was crowded with theatre goers and he was nervous that they might notice his peculiar appearance. But looking briefly around him he saw that all eyes were on his beautiful partner and not on himself.
"The Ballet! Oh Erik, i've always wanted to come to the ballet." Her eyes sparkled deliciously as she grinned like an excited child.
"It is a new work, touring only now, music by Tchaikovsky a very talented Russian composer." He told her as he led the way through the crowd to the box he had reserved for their use at vast expense.
"If you think he is talented, he must be exquisite since you are the foremost composer I am aware of." Violet told him gently squeezing his arm that was still linked with hers as he guided her.
"You flatter me Violet, for that I am thankful, here, please sit, I will fetch us some refreshments. I thought you might care for some champagne this evening." He said smil
:iconleonlioness:leonlioness 6 3
Violet and the Phantom part 2
She stared in to the shadows before her eyes following the sound of his footsteps as he moved away and finally was gone. She exhaled and listened harder.
Silence... there were no sounds at all. It was a few moments before Violet realised how unusual this was. There was no one else near by, no noise from the street, no noise from other rooms, her sensitive hearing could discern no signs of life anywhere near by. Did he live alone? And where! The clothes she wore she knew were of fine make, she could feel it in the fabric, so whose were they? What kind of person would have fine woman's clothing lying around but live alone. He used a foil, so he was obviously trained in fencing, a gentleman's pursuit, and yet though he exuded wealth and standing, he had no attendants or servants, had bathed and fed her himself. She blushed as she remembered his hands on her almost bare skin. He had been so delicate, the way he moved her hair from her neck, his fingertips caressing softly, by accident of c
:iconleonlioness:leonlioness 12 17
Violet and the Phantom : 5.2
Erik continued walking even as the footsteps behind them sped up to close the distance. Violet turned her head towards him speculatively but increased her speed to match.
"Violet, I had hoped this night would be perfect." Erik started, Violet moved closer as she interupted him, her closeness making him at the same time warm and comforted, and cold, cold that this was all about to be taken away.
"It has been perfect. I couldn't find a more perfect evening if..."
"Violet please, listen..."
"Monsieur Stop!" The voice was closing, but Erik did not obey.
"I have tried to do my best by you, protect you, care for you..."
"Erik you're scaring me..."
"I beg you, do not think ill of me when you realise the truth." His voice was hollow, his usual vibrancy gone, lost in his sadness.  But there was a sense of acceptance settling on him, he had dodged his fate so neatly till now. Violet started to say something but she stopped as the man behind spoke once more.
"Captain, if that man does n
:iconleonlioness:leonlioness 12 19
Mature content
Violet and the Phantom :iconleonlioness:leonlioness 17 30
Phantom Never Dies Chapter 10
The next day Erik and I were back to our normal selves once more. Every chance I got I found myself reading Phantom of the Opera, to Erik's delight.
"Don't get too caught up in that book," He teased me at the end of English. I stuck my tongue out at him and set my book back down with my things.
"Coming from the guy wearing a mask," I teased right back.
Too far.
He looked sincerely hurt and turned away from me.
"Erik, please. I didn't mean it; I wasn't thinking," I pleaded quickly, placing one pale hand on his shoulder. Erik didn't move, but he also didn't flinch; he was improving.
The bell rang and he stood stiffly then walked out of the room too quickly for me to keep up.
"Erik!" I called, trying to shove my way through the crowd, "Erik," I said breathlessly when I finally caught up with him.
"Please forgive me," I begged, taking his hands to try and stop him from running away again. Those green eyes stared down at me in utter disgust that I would even think about saying something so
:iconstardust7776:Stardust7776 5 33
POTO-Red Death by MailleQueen POTO-Red Death :iconmaillequeen:MailleQueen 41 38 A Lesson by shmeeden A Lesson :iconshmeeden:shmeeden 702 313 DEFY gravity by jay3jay DEFY gravity :iconjay3jay:jay3jay 24 17 POTO wallpaper by LeCarnivore POTO wallpaper :iconlecarnivore:LeCarnivore 8 2 PotO: Ascension by cocokat PotO: Ascension :iconcocokat:cocokat 259 82 A special gift by VissyCullen A special gift :iconvissycullen:VissyCullen 26 19 End of the Ghost's love story by Akhenaten-Aten End of the Ghost's love story :iconakhenaten-aten:Akhenaten-Aten 118 25
The theater is a calling
A true Actor, in their heart,
Can not resist.
The stage beckons to them
To play numerous characters
And tread the soft yet hard floor.
There is an attraction
To bringing words
On a page in a script to life.
To take the story of a character
And bring it
To the people.
Between the actors,
A special friendship,
Transcending time and distance.
A sense of comradery
Only the theater can foster.
There is something calling
When the audience feels it,
Feels every emotion.
To move people with their words,
Inspire with song.
The call of the stage
Is a call and a compulsion
A person with a true Actor's heart,
Can not resist.
:iconleesninjapirate:LeesNinjaPirate 18 42
DID NOT REMEBER THIS by Christine-de-Chagny
Mature content
DID NOT REMEBER THIS :iconchristine-de-chagny:Christine-de-Chagny 15 123


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