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The finest of the 501st

Hello there :)

I finally finished a render with my new school time table and i like the outcome of this render :D
The skins are provided by my fellow friend and modding partner Mandalorian Busniess:…
So if you play SWBF2 on your pc and looking for mods then be sure to check out his work ;)

I checked my deviantArt in the past days and noticed two things:
1. I almost at 400 watchers milestone
2. I'm a deviantArt member for a year now

So, I will prep a One Year Special Render ASAP. Stay tuned ;)

Enjoy this render!
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ngl, this profile of mine is 100% satire, but dam this ACTUALLY looks amazing

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lmaooo, thank you!

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Captain Rex lives!! Great job on this!!

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Captain Rex and the guys! Awesome.

The Most iconic saying in the clone wars

Commander Fox Says "FOR THE REPUBLIC!!!...........AHH...."

Cool man it's now my new backround

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They say the 501st got the best and worst of the war,...but it also had the best of brothers, that is were the pain really lies, with their loss

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For the republic

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I love this Phase Two Kano

Me too. Kano doesn't get enough attention.

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Han: "Hey Luke, I think we're surrounded".
Luke: 🤦‍♂️
Support the boys in white.
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Where did you downlaod the models?
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Extracted from SWBF2
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I love the 501st!
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"You've disobeyed enough orders today sir. Follow this one. Get out of here!"
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I dont recognize the one in the middle, other then that, awesome!
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It's Sergeant Kano ;) Thank you!
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R.I.P Echo and Fives :'(

also, is that Tup next to the medic?
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