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Captain Rex joins the battle...


Hello there,

Here he is, the most requested character over all social platforms thanks to a commission. Captain Rex.
It took me two weeks to model him (since I'm saying goodbye to EA Assets I'm modelling everything on my own)
The progress was really fun since I discovered new methods for modelling and texturing.
My team mate MandalorianBussines did the textures since he was really eager to do it :D

The textures still need some tweaking but so far I'm too happy with it :D
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Clone Suite music playing faintly in the background...

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Jaig eyes FTW!

. . .Or i should say, FOR THE REPUBLIC! ;)

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My all time favourite SW commander.

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Yo Erik, I'm sorry to stick my foot right in the middle of this, but a guy on youtube called Crusader studios used this as a thumbnail and got copyright stuck. He didn't realize it was copyright bc it was fanart, as he usually uses fanart in thumbnails with no problems. Seeing as you put 30 hours into this model I can see why you wouldn't just let people use it and all, also since you charge people for such things it wouldn't be fair to use the pic without at least asking or crediting you. Personally I gotta side with you on this one, but at the same time he didn't mean to do anything wrong.  And normally I wouldn't get involved but I do a lot of voice acting for his channel and I thought I'd return the favor for him by seeing if I could help straighten this out.

Sorry to bother you over this man, I know your time is valuable, but it would be really appreciated if you contacted Crusader. I believe he sent you an email already, but either way no big deal if you can't bro. I just don't want to see my buds all stirred up over this.


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If I contact people, I rarely get an answer and really can't bother to contact em on all social networks to make sure he reads it. People rather should search for my name and just leave a DM. Even crediting in the desc ain't that hard. I didn't receive any email from crusader and even would be ready to figure things out to remove his 1 of 3 strike thing if he contacts me
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Gotcha thx man. I forwarded him this and I'm guessig it was resolved. Hope all is well.
anstatt mich zu striken, hättest du mir auch einen Kommentar oder eine direkt-Nachricht hinterlassen können. Ich wäre deiner Forderung sofort nachgekommen. Schade, dass meine Arbeit im Video jetzt weg ist, durch deine Beschwerde.
Auf Youtube heiße ich 501st Legion, falls du dich nicht erinnerst.
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Anstatt mein Bild ohne Berechtigung zu verwenden hättest du fragen können. Wer nicht fragt, der kriegt Ärger...
Bro, dein Bild war einfach bei Google Bilder, wusste nicht dass der Urheber so pingelig ist :D
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awesome capt rex!!:happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Thanks a lot! Same :D

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Captain Rex #8 With all the due respect general, but if someone comes into our home, they better be carrying a big blaster!

Captain Rex is the man, not the clone, but the Man
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I love this guy!
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He's so beautiful. Can i download the textures from your model?
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What ya wanna do with the textures if ya ain't got the model lol
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lol fair point it looks so good i thought he was a reskin of the arc trooper. If it's no problem can i download him with the textures in obj format? I will be sure to credit you and give you a shout out because you are really talented and i think your work is amazing. Especially that arf trooper and airbourne trooper you did
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Sorry mate but nope. I invested more than 30h into him and won't share it just for free
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I understand, if I'd put that much time and effort into something that came out to be absolutely stunning I'd feel the same way. Keep up the good work trooper I hope to see many more great things come from you.
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Beautiful work! <3  The touch of sparks and snow is awesome, as is his logo!  You really outdid yourself on that model ^__^
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Whoa thank you so much for noticing the single details! Glad you like it :D
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