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Dear current and future followers,

My work keeps me from being active on this site as I would like to be. With that being said and in order for you to not wait an eternity for a reply and expedite your work. I am submitting two answers for two most common questions:  

Q "If your  manipulation or reference (drawing) can be put for sale (commercial use) here or outside deviantART?"

   Yes, as long as you tell me the web page and give me credit.

"can the drawing or manipulation be put on a page outside DA"

    Yes, Tell me the web page and give me credit. 

To help clarify the above, take a look at the following sample:

This CAN be put for sale if so desired by the creator.

The Virgin Moon by JDewantiArt       


This CANNOT be either put for sale or posted outside deviantART.


STOCK 18 by ERIEYE-STOCK                                         

If you still have any doubts, please note me and I will answer as soon as I can.  I thank you in advance for choosing my stock for your work

Here are the Rules

1-Send me a link of your creation AT THIS ACCOUNT and credit me as the author of the original photograph.
-I want to favorite your work-

2-By using my stock picture(s), you agree to let me send a copy of your finished work to the Model(s) for portfolio use.
-Models like to see how their pictures are used-

3-No end result of your work should be an attack to any race, creed or gender.
-This is not a political forum-

4- Do not use my stock to demean, humiliate or insult the Models.
-Common sense goes a long way-

5-It is O.K. to put your manipulation for sale here or outside DA .
-Just let me know what web page, I like to keep tabs of my work-

6-Do not repost or direct link my stock images to other accounts or sites outside DeviantArt.
-Let's keep it in one place-

7-My stock is free for as long as everybody plays nice.
-So, if you happen to see my original-stock for sale, let me know. I know one or two lawyers-

=Thank you, enjoy, be respectful and get creative=.

*Constructive comments and suggestions are highly encouraged.

Thank you





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I used your stock here. Thank you.